How often are you able to get a break and have some time away, even just for a few hours?  Who helps you out with your little one so you can get away?

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Not very often, but my mom loves to spend time with her granddaughter when she can so every weekend she comes by and stays for an hour or two while my husband and I can do other things and then once or twice a month she will keep baby for a day so we get a break. It's okay though, we love spending time with our little one and know that these moments won't last forever so we don't mind :) 

That's great your mom loves spending time with your little one- sounds like a pretty good arrangement to have! 

I get an hour to go grocery shopping twice a month. I would really like to get a couple hours a week, but he has such separation anxiety I'm not able to. He also signs instead of talks, so I have a hard time finding someone to watch him.

So sorry you are not able to get out much! :(
Hopefully you will be able to find someone soon and get some time more regularly.


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