Moms working on relationships with their partners


Moms working on relationships with their partners

This is a group for all moms that have had an issue with their spouses or partners and would like support. If you have been cheated on, lied to, alcohol abuse etc. and would like to stay together for yourself and the children. Let's support each other!!

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Comment by DHessRN on December 26, 2013 at 2:59pm

hey xoxo.. currently we are doing well but need a lot of rebuilding.   last January I moved out, was seeing others and wanted a divorce. we had a lot of downfall over the year. a lot of anger, miscommunication, falling out of love.  he begged me to go to counseling last spring while divorcing. then one week after divorce was final found out I was pregnant..2 mons..  so we got together again. we are trying to rebuild and refall inlove.  so im joining for support, advice and romantic ideas.

Comment by Katie, Mom365 Host on August 5, 2013 at 11:36am

Hi foxy00, I am very sorry for your losses and also for the challenges you're having with your man. You might want to post this in the Relationship forum which gets more consistent traffic than this group; you're sure to get some good advice and support from moms there. Here's a link to the Relationship forum:

Comment by foxy00 on August 1, 2013 at 11:10pm

 I was going to put this in the discussion part but messed up.

Comment by foxy00 on August 1, 2013 at 11:08pm

Okay so a lot has happened in a little over a year...

First I had my second miscarriage on Christmas Eve 2011(the 1st one was June 5th 2011,I was 2 months and 6 days along), I was 6 weeks along! I found out that I have to much iron in my blood to take prenatal pills with any iron in them. It causes me to mischarge in a week after starting them. When my fiancé and I got back from the hospital my cat (I have had since she was 6 weeks old) had eat on our fake x-mas tree plus the tensile on it! So she get super sick...stops eating, potties on her self everyday, and is not really wanting to move around. We take her to the vet and they say nothings wrong, but to give her cat laxatives till she pass it. The vet makes us pay them $45.00 for that which we had to take out of our car payment. My fiancé is a clerk at Allsups, and the only one who works. We live paycheck to pay check. That all happened over a 1 1/2 month period. While all that was going on, my fiancé was acting weird, he never wanted to be at the house, or with me. He started wanting to just go out with his friends by himself all the time. He started telling people I could not have kids, and drinking heavy. The dr. never said anything was wrong with me, he said that it was normal to miscarry like that. This girl that like him and hangs out with his friends starts telling him all about how messed up her life is. Tells him she needs him in her life as "a good friend". she had just had a baby boy in November 2011, and always left him on people so she could go party. He starts telling her how he feels about the miscarriages and about our relationship problems. To make a long story short he starts cheating with her in Feb. about a week after my shitty birthday. He dose this for 2 months, and while he was doing that he was also messing around with 3 other girls. Plus still with me, telling me he loved me and needed to work thing out in his head about everything. Then he stops seeing other girls cause I busted him red handed and told all the other girls too. We start working things out and that one girl keeps trying to keep him. I go to jail for beating her up. Then I find out I'm pregnant and he starts to act like he use to me, before all the drama. Then when I'm 5/6 months along he cheats with another girl for one night while I was visiting with my mom. Of course I didn't know this until I was 7/8 months along when he finally tells me cause he feels guilty for all the cheating and wants to start new for our daughter. I was his second girl he had ever been with. Now he has been with 4 or 5 girls. He is the only person I have been with, he has all my first with boys. which is why it hurt so bad. every thing else is fine now but I can't seem to get over it all.

Comment by KarlieHeart216 on January 28, 2013 at 9:43am

Im sorry you guys I VENT!!! lol

Comment by KarlieHeart216 on January 28, 2013 at 9:42am

Im so sorry that your man is such a douche @ravenwolf837, sounds a little like my childrens father/boyfriend. He calls me out my name tells me Im a bad mother and that Im lame because Im not working, then expects me to bend over backwards and open my legs whenever he sees fit. But Im so not for that, so recently I just started really expressing how I feel, he's boring, combative, unattentive, insensitive, obsessive, and controlling. I just cant take it, but I love him so much then he turns around and tries to play the whole nice guy role. I hate it so much, he has these severe mood swings and we barely do anything together and he wonders why I may seem unhappy some days. He rubs it in my face that he's working and he's the provider and goes to school, when Im at home taking care of the kids and I had a baby by c-section 5 months ago and Im still not healed right. I always have my kids, no car, I dont have friends here, or that much support at all, so its really hard to damn near impossible for me to to what I want or need to. Then the days he could be helping me out he's out and about having fun and chilling with everyone, so where is my help??? It really hurts my feelings to have my man talk down on me like I aint shit just because Im at home taking care of my kids, its not like I dont want to work, and he makes it seem as if I dont do anything ever when that is so not the case. Im at a lose/lose situation he holds on to what I say with all his might.... smh!!!!! We got into it last night because i told him it doesnt benefit me talking to him because he's always trying to push my buttons, but its not okay for me to hold on to the foul things he says and does to me. You tell me Im raggedy, a horrible mother, Im lame/wack/ triffling, and Im tit for tat trying to hurt him like he did years ago. Like Im not holding on to that stuff how he's cheated, lied, stole from me, never came home at night, made me get fired from a job, got me pregnant and dumped me...but I cant hold on or even mention any of that. So now he acts all insecure like Im gonna do all those things to him or something, when i clearly had my chances and havent done a thing yet. Everyday we argue (the reason why my kids are not with me), he hasnt taken anger management which he clearly needs, he acts like his little job pays for so much and he's never purchased clothes for my girls, paid a full amount of rent, he's paid two bills since we've ever lived together but he wants to throw something in my face. Now since I been so honest about my feelings he wakes up today on 10 ready to argue and Im so fed up with his shit i told him it is over, so he goes all off on the deep end dogging me out in front of my 6 yo right before i take her to the bus, now who the hell does that???? Then I come back and he's like so whats your plans for today like he's my dad or something, and who the hell is watching my kids??? I really do not like him right now I so through....ugh!!!

Comment by Kalina's Mommy on January 15, 2013 at 1:57am
I'm sorry ravenwolf837... I'm 25 years old and me and my husband decided to have kids right after we got married it was a perfect wedding and we have our dream house and no financial problems. I decided to be a stay at home mom and he supported it. Nowall he wants to do is go to work come home and eat then go to bed. He thinks since I stay at home I need to take care of our 2,000 sq ft house myself our 3 month old baby and our puppy while going to school to get my masters. Oh and to top it all off we never completely moved in before our baby was born. I take care of everything finances, shopping since I make home cooked meals, everything! I stay up till 3 am everyday trying to get things done. He never has to wake up at night to take care of our baby but I'm the one that supposley does nothing. He thinks he can treat me like shit since I don't work anymore. He even gone as far as saying I need to breast feed and cook at the same time (our baby doesn't take a bottle so I can't pump.) right after I gave birth I came home from the hospital 12 hours later and he expected me to be super mom right off the bat and I was in so much pain from taring I couldn't move very well (I did no Meds during labor and gave a natural birth and my recovery was the bad part) Any time I ask him to hold our baby he says "ugh come on!" when she starts crying or says she has to just deal with not being comfy if he is comfy and she isn't. I don't want to give up my dream life but I can't be someone's slave I hate my life but do I put up with him to give my little girl the life she deserves
Comment by ravenwolf837 on December 20, 2012 at 9:32am

I'm so sorry you are going through this. I wish i had an answer for you but i'm in a bad situation myself and don't know what to do either. Best of luck to you.

Comment by KarlieHeart216 on December 20, 2012 at 2:13am

Hi everyone Im Karla, a 26 yo mother of 4. Im struggling with my boyfriend of 4 years, we constantly argue day in and out over everything. I feel the issue is he likes to always be right about everything which makes it hard to express myself without a debate. He is a bit hot headed so our arguements end up as big blow ups and I try to find the quickest excape, to either leave or end it. Just recently we got into a really big one where it seemed so bad children services were involved. I tried to walk away from an arguement until things cooled out and walked right around the corner from my house. Just as I turn to walk back home and turn to see him right behind me, which means the children (ages 6, 2, and 3 months) were left unattended. I couldn't believe it, which made it worse is that the police seen us arguing outside and realized it was over our kids which whom he left in the house to come looking for me. The children were fine watching a movie while the baby was napping but they removed my children from my home and placed them with my boyfriends sister until we get our relationship under control. We've had our many issues as most couples do, and we overcome it all, its just all this arguing ended us up in the worst of situations and then some. He also had a warrant out from missing a court date because the same day we had a meeting with children services to see what all we needed to do to get our children back. The other night he was on his way to his brothers and the police pulled him and his uncle over, a routine stop I take it and they arrested. Its got me in such a damper, my daughters are asking where he is and I just cant tell his little girls that their daddy wont be home for Christmas or New Years because I cant come up with $250.00 to bail him out. Its really stressing me out with him being the bread winner of the house, bills racking up and rent is right around the corner I dont know what to do. Im a stay at home mom with no family here in Columbus, Oh. even if I did start a job today that isnt gonna get him home or pay all this stuff off when its due. My mind is super frazzled right now, Im gonna spend Christmas alone, my kids cant come home for 30 days and who knows how many days he'll be in jail until his charge is payed off. Well it feels good to vent a little and I have to find out something fast, I just want my family back togehter and be able to work on my relationship with the man I love. Thats all for now, to whomever reading this thanks for taking an intrest in my lifes issues and if there is any advice or comments dont hesitate to respond

Comment by sherry lynn hinson on July 2, 2012 at 12:51am

hey i just read your comment and here are my thought's.get away from him soon as you can.i been with a guy for 5 years and he done the whole texting,calling,meeting women,meeting women off craigslist,even had 2 std and never told me till i hired a PI and found out the ugly truth.i have 6 kids from a marriage and we are divorced and the guy i'm with now and talking about now we have 1 son together he is the one whom done all this bad we were into 4 years of this relationship not once had he told me the truth the pi gave me.he asked me for another year and aug.21,2010 will be that extra year i gave him and guess what? it's not here yet and he hasn't done sound's like these 2 guy's must be related in the CHEATER'S" world.drop him and move on. i'm dropping my guy tommrow and moving will be me and my 7 kids and i been praying.also i been listening to the song "Stronger" by Sara Evans.listen to has really inspired me. i will pray for can do this girl get away from him. i'm here from ya.


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