I thought it would be cool to post pics of or babies.  I'm going to do a then and now because he has changed so much!!

He is white and black (on his fathers side) and is now almost 6 months.

This is him 2 weeks old (10lbs 5oz was his birth weight!)

This is him last night!

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Oh hes so cute! I think we should have an arranged marriage for our babes lol

Heres Audrey with grandma the day she was born:


And her a few days ago:

Born Dec.24th 2009 at 1:15pm, 7,11lb and 20inch by c-section.
Him with his daddy. 4 days old

4 months and 2 weeks with me on mothers day May 9th 2010.

Alex in his pirate outfitt and one posing with his very tired momma.
I'm black and husband is white she was born September 16, 2009 she weighed 5lb 14oz
OMG I can not wait to put my baby on here this is a great discussion I love that I started this group
Hello everyone Thanks to everyone for joinging my group and here is a pic of my daughter before and now

This is Mia when she first came

This is her now

This is me & my daughter at Disneyland last year when she was about 7 mos old.

This is my daugher & my husband at the zoo last month. She was about 18 mos.

Katie is a black/white mix.

Katie at 2 days (10/09).

Katie now (6/10).
I have 2 biracial little boys. I am black and my husband is white.
Here are 2 pictures of my recent addition, at birth and at 5 months
Hello, I'm new to the group. Mateo is 1/4 Chinese and 1/4 Puerto Rican and 1/2 White. He is 7 weeks old

Here are my two cuties :)

I am white and dad is black:

Awwwwwwwwwwe cute! This is Angelo, His Momma is Argentine and his father is Nigerian when he was 2 weeks

Here he is now 6 months


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