Have you worked with your little one on their manners yet?  How are you going about teaching them things like please and thank you?  Are they getting it at all?

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Every time I give something to my daughter I say "Thank you" then hand it to her.  She learns sign language and signs please and thank you sometimes.  She will cover her cough aout 50% of the time.

That's a great idea- lead by example!

I don't know if Isla is learning any manners! She has a 5-year-old brother who likes to crack up at burps and other bodily noises, so she's learning that these things are funny and not necessarily getting the "excuse me" part of it. I say thank you when she gives me something, so maybe she'll pick up on that. She's a screamer, so we're trying to work on tampering that down and letting her know it's not polite to screech like a barn owl when she wants something! She does like to wipe her mouth off with a napkin, which is very cute and oddly proper for a 16 month old!

The napkin is a start!  I have a few screamers too- eventually they grew out of it, but it sure can be frustrating! 


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