Is your little one munching on snacks off their tray now?  What kind of snacks do you put on the tray for them? 

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My almost 10 month old is not quite there yet. He's taking bites of foods but hasn't gotten the whole pick it up and feed himself. He will take his bowl and spoon from me though and try to feed himself with that! So far I've tried putting on his highchair tray bites of chicken, banana, mangoes, green beans, peas, and bread.

He will get there! A few of my kids were less interested in that then others- but eventually they all learned. :)

Yes! We've been feeding Isla table foods from the beginning (it's a method called baby-led weaning), so she's used to putting her own food in her mouth (in fact she almost insists upon it). She mastered the pincher grasp a couple go months back and it is so cute to watch her carefully and purposefully pick up her food with her thumb and pointer finger. We do everything on the tray: small pieces of meat, cut-up soft fruits and veggies, bread, Cheerios of course! She loves to eat!

I have only heard of baby-lead weaning until now- I have a feeling I've been doing some of it already, but I need to look it up to find out exactly what it is- I'm curious!

My daughter feeds herself Puffs, Cheerios, rice, sweet peas.

Sounds like she is doing well!


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