Anyone else's little one's going on the potty yet? Ev tells me when she has to go number 2. We've been able to go on the potty every time for a week now. :) I'm super proud of my big girl! :)

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That is amazing. If I ask my daughter if she is going potty, she will answer the question, but she is not able to tell me ahead of time yet.

That is awesome!  Mine is a little older (December 2013) and not even noticing the potty! 

I got mine to pee on the potty a few times when he was younger, then I slacked off I guess and lately he doesn't like sitting on his seat :/ it might just be uncomfortable though. Do you use a seat on the big potty, or her own little potty?

I bought a seat that is attached to the lid and the normal seat. It fits in the lid and then you just put it down for lo.

Congratulations!!!! We are not having much luck. I didn't realize how exhausting it is for us to work it into our routine. No wonder most everyone puts it off. :)

We have a little potty chair and am just trying to get a routine going of sitting on the potty (with diaper on) am and pm. Hypothetically working up to sitting on the potty with diaper off.

She's learning to say no (guess I should be thankful that she was nearly 17 months before she started), so sometimes she's willing to sit on the potty and other times she's saying no no before we go into the bathroom.

But she is telling us when she needs a new diaper. So trying to be real good about changing her right away. (all started when she had a bad diaper rash and I think it hurt when she peed) Hoping to build on this beginning step. :)


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