Has your little one mastered potty training yet?  What technique did you use to potty train them?  Is potty training something you are still working on?

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We have been trying but it is really not happening! I'm surprised, I thought my daughter would be easier to train than my son per the conventional wisdom of girls being easier than boys.. Honestly I was thinking she would be trained at like 2.5... I was wrong. She is really not interested yet despite seeing many many friends using the potty.

I think all kids are different- I have a three year old girl that is still working on it! I've potty trained five other kids and she is one of the harder ones!

it's funny how they are all so different! What's your technique? Five kids, you are a potty pro!

I've had a different technique for each one, lol! 

The one thing that is consistent is that I always used underwear when we got serious with it- we would use the pull-ups when we first introduced the concept, but when it was time to really learn, the pull ups had to go. 

Each kid seemed to be motivated by a different thing- my oldest had his eye on one big prize- a buzz lightyear doll, if he had a dry day, he kept it- any accidents meant that Buzz Lightyear would sit back on the shelf awaiting the next success.  My 11 year old daughter, needed a variety of prizes.  We got a basket and filled it with different goodies- toys, candy, anything we could think of.  She enjoyed getting to pick something different with each success.  My seven year old, I wanted to wait to potty train her after we took a long road trip- on that trip, she quickly realized that the key to getting out of the car during a stop was having to go potty- so she sorta trained herself, lol.  My 6 year old- she loved the idea of joining in on her sisters dance class.  I bought her a few really pretty dance outfits and told her she had to keep dry to wear them so we didn't ruin them- that worked like a charm!  My 4 year old, she didn't really need a reward, it just took a lot of repetition.  I'm not sure what will be the thing with my three year old- but hopefully we will figure it out soon!


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