Whose getting one year photos done soon?  Are you using any props?  What kind of outfit did you pick out?

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I hadn't even thought of doing these, but they're a good idea!

I love one year photos!  lol!

We did one year old pics. The photographer had a Cake Smash session that included family pics, cake smash, and bathtub pics.  They turned out really great.

Cute!  What a great idea!

We are getting ours done this Saturday! I bought a fake cupcake from Hobby Lobby, a chalkboard sign & number stencils so i can write "ONE" on it because I priced wood block letters & they want like 13-14 bucks for one letter so I figured at least I can reuse the chalkboard, she's waering a tutu & a few pearl necklaces I bought at the party store , a tiara & I also am bringing some pink balloons & that way I have some different props to play with. Can't wait to see how to goes! What about you are you doing any?

I love your ideas!  This is one of my little one's first birthday photos- I'm happy with how they turned out!

Omg she is SO cute!!!! I love her tiara!!!! Sweet baby!!!

Thanks- we are in love with her! lol!
She has worn the tiara for every photo since her newborn one- it's been fun to see her grow!

Awe that is a cool idea I love that!!! :)
Hey Amber! Got her photos done & back & thought I'd share one with you since you were so kind to share one of your cute little one! :)

That dress is beautiful!  I love how the photo turned out- your little one is precious!  Thank you for sharing! 


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