Has your little one started fighting sleep?  I've heard that it can be normal at this age to start fighting sleep- but how do you handle it?  Do you think it's a phase or can you do something to help ease the 'fight'?

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Yes!! My 19 month old has learned how to stall like a pro. She will ask for something to eat, something to drink, even for ice. I explain to her that mommy, daddy, grandpa, grandma, and even the dog are going to sleep so she needs to go to sleep.

It's funny how quickly they learn that art!  My kids favorite go to is asking for a hug and kiss. 

My little boy has always fought sleep...well staying asleep that is! Bedtime normally isn't that bad though. After bath he knows he gets a little bit of quiet playtime then it will be off to his crib. He loves his crib and is normally very happy once he's in it. The problem I am having though is he looks for a cup of milk to go to sleep with. And then wakes up still at least twice a night wanting another cup. Sleep is something that is so easily taken for granted until you can't get it. And I can only imagine how hard it is for my son being tired all the time. To have my son sleep through the entire night would make me the happiest mommy!

Aw, so sorry he isn't sleeping through!  We would switch the milk out with water- that helped a bit- that way we also could put two sippy cups in the crib without worry of it spoiling, but not all kids will take the water. 

Mine has always hated bedtime and staying asleep has been a problem too. He is actually finally getting better! We just moved and he's been crying at night more (hopefully he'll adjust quickly), but I think he is working on 2nd molars too. We keep the bedtime routine very quick and simple. He doesn't get to see his dad much because he works long hours, so after dinner I just let them play until he starts to get tired. When it's almost bedtime we brush teeth and then he has to give dad a hug and say goodnight then straight to bed. We've been doing this since before his birthday and now it's working pretty well. We also keep a fan running in his room at night and play lullabies while he settles down. On really difficult nights we would take him for a ride in the car or the stroller and he would usually just pass out.

Moving can be tough!  Hope he adjusts for you soon.

Hello-I am new to the group.  I just saw this post and I hope bedtime has been going smoother for you.  I wanted to let you know, I had the same kind of experiance with my lo and I stumbled accross a program that changed our lives.  It may be worth looking into.  It's an e-book called The Sleep Sense written by Dana Obleman.  Good luck!


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