At this age your baby should be able to understand some basic directions- are you seeing that with your little one?  When you tell them 'no' do they react at all?

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Lol. She reacts. She looks at me and smiles, and then proceeds to go ahead and do whatever it was I said no to in the first place.

LOL, I get that too!  I'm pretty sure she understands I just said no, but doesn't want to acknowledge it with more then a smile.

Oh yes mine knows "no" and she does this thing where she growls at me & keeps doing it! It cracks me up! I call her Bob Goblin from Wallykazam on Nickelodeon because it kind of sounds like him if anyone's ever watched that show.
Oh yes! She gets in front of something she knows she's not supposed to get into, then looks over and me to see if I'm going to say anything. A "no" might make her pause for a second, but usually she just proceeds with a devious smile!

They think the smile is cute enough to allow them to get away with it, lol!

Awww he doooes. It may be my tone of voice but when I use no or don't he puts his head down and pouts. Sooo I'm gonna hold off on no for awhile. I really don't like those words though.

Aw, he is sensitive- that's cute but breaks your heart all at the same time!

Kaidence fully understands no.  Sometimes she will just stop other times she will have a little attitude.  She shakes her head no too.

I bet that's cute to see her shake her head! 


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