We bought a new crib when we moved into our new house (the old one was ready to be done after 4 other kids in it)- so I'm a bit disappointed that my little one is chewing on the side rail!  It's damaging the crib and even more important, I don't want her to get a chunk off and hurt herself!

Has your little one ever chewed on the crib? How do you keep them from doing it?

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Yes! Mine does it to & I don't know how you get them to stop it.

At least I'm not alone, lol!

I've heard some other momma's saying their little ones were doing that too and that they got some type of crib rail covers. I'm not sure what they were called or where they bought them though. I just remember hearing them say their babies were literally gnawing on the crib slats and that there were these cloth covers they got to go over them. Sorry not much help but I'd definitely google it and see what comes up!

Oh good to know- I'll have to take a look!

I was forewarned about this so I got a rail cover. They are little woodchuckers.

They are! She is my 6th and none of them have done it but her- but I wish someone would have warned me about this by now! lol!

Babies are us have a pack of 4 (2 for each side) clear plastic things  for 12 bucks..Do Not let the baby see you put them on or move them.

Thanks for the info- I'll check there!


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