I thought we could take a minute to share what our babies are up to now!

Isla is just over seven months and she's been crawling for a month! She has two teeth on top and three on the bottom. Although she''s just 10th percentile for weight, she seems like a decent ester and is enjoying sampling new solids--she likes to feed herself so we give her chunks of food to nibble in between bites of the purees. She has a 5-year-old brother who she finds just fascinating--and his toys too! Sleeping is an issue; she is up 2-3 times a night and unfortunately only reliably sleeps when she's in our bed and able to nurse to her choosing.

What's new with your February babies? I'm excited to hear!

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My daughter is 8 months.  She is waking up once during the night to eat, and she wakes up two other times but puts herself back to sleep.  Her first two teeth are coming in at the bottom.  She loves to eat.  We've tried quite a few different things.  So far carrots are the only thing she dislikes.  She is crawling, pulling herself up to stand, and trying to stand without holding on.  She understands no, milk (and signs milk), bath time, and dog.  She's saying dada, but I don't think she's associated it with her father yet.   

love that she is saying dada :) I sign eat and all done. She seems to respond those signs but haven't seen her try to mimic them back.

My son is seven months and we are definitely still dealing with sleep issues in our house too! He still wakes up a LOT at night! We have been successful with getting him to fall asleep on his own at bedtime but still actively working on the night awakenings. Just this week we increased his solid foods to see if that will help. Have successfully breastfed these last 7 months with supplementing only a handful of times. Hoping to make it to the 12 month mark but if not that's ok too! He now giggles and bounces when he knows nursing is about to happen! Even had a few times where he tried to nurse through my bra! LOL He's been teething for what feels like forever but no teeth have actually popped through yet. He can pull himself up from a seated position with some help and can roll over pretty good now but no crawling as of yet! He's babbling up a storm and a few "mommas" have come out so far! :)  He has such a sweet personality and loves to smile which just makes my heart melt...and makes all the sleepless nights worth it!

Congrats on nursing to 7 months! We made it to 4 months. I figure each month you get in is fabulous and so if you make to to 12 months, great. If not, you still did great! Love those "mama"s :)

Hii.. Good to hear ur little ones are doing great :)
My little one is 7 months old and he is crawling his tummy of the ground since 1.5 months and became a expert crawler..he crawls fast if he knows i m coming to catch him.He loves to watch and enjoys alot when i crawl along with him lol..He is standing on his own without holding anything from couple of weeks and waiting to see his take his first steps . He sleeps nicely but he cries a lot when i take him to he jus dont want to go to bed and wants to play alltime.but after 5-10 mins he goes to sleep nicely .
He used to eat nicely but from couple of weeks he is not eating like he used to .. which worries me alot . I suppose might be due to his teeting.. he is getting his first 2 teeth below .. its been long time i have seen them but they really are not popping out .:)

We are just over 8 months. It's great to see that we are "up to speed" on some things and see what others we can work towards. Babies develop at all different speeds, but it's great to see that we are in the neighborhood. (I thought we were advanced in some things and seeing that we are just average. Reality check! :) Oh well, all mommies thing their babies are the smartest ever!

We are sleeping great at night. We put jammies on, turn on the nightlight and sound machine. Read a couple of stories then I lay her down in the crib and she goes to sleep on her own 99% of the time. :) Nap time though, is NOT going so well. Since bed time works so well, we've thought of doing the same routine, but don't want to mess up bed time.

We are taking foods slowly, or I should say, I am taking foods slowly. I had extreme allergies for a long time so am introducing foods slowly. We are on gerbers second foods now. She does great with eating and seems to love everything. We may have broken out to oatmeal and bananas. Setting those aside to try again later.

What first chunky foods did you introduce and how? I think she'd love "real" food, but it's scary giving her a piece of something. Should I start with the teething biscuit things? Or the gerber puffs? Or cheerios? Maybe rice puffs since cheerios are made with oats. The gerber puffs all have wheat and we haven't tried wheat cereal yet. Ugh!

She babbles but hasn't come up with words yet. She crawls great and walks along the furniture. She holds her bottle great, but is working on grabbing it and getting it to her mouth. 2 bottom teeth and 1st top tooth just starting to come in.


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