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Started by Amber, Mom365 Host Mar 27. 0 Replies

Does your little one have any allergies?  Do they seem to be bothered by seasonal allergies at all?Continue

Coloring time...

Started by Amber, Mom365 Host. Last reply by Amber, Mom365 Host Mar 27. 2 Replies

If it's coloring time at your house- what type of items are you giving your little one to color with? Do they use markers, crayons, paint, colored pencils? What about those special markers that only…Continue

Your little one and music?

Started by Amber, Mom365 Host Mar 12. 0 Replies

Does your little one enjoy music?  What kinds of fun kids music have you found that you can play and enjoy listening to with your little one? Continue

Did you ever co-sleep?

Started by Amber, Mom365 Host. Last reply by Amber, Mom365 Host Jan 4. 2 Replies

Did you ever co-sleep with your little one? Are you still co-sleeping? How easy was it to break them of the habit?Continue

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Comment by Katie, Mom365 Host on December 2, 2016 at 11:17am

Happy Second Birthday, December 2014 babies and moms! We'd like to wish you lots of luck, fun and happiness in the coming year, and look forward to sharing the next 12 months of milestones with you! And be sure to join us over in the Moms of 2-Year-Olds group  :)
Amber, Katie, and everyone at Mom365

Comment by Amber, Mom365 Host on January 21, 2016 at 5:47am

Hi Alicia,

Welcome!  I think it's perfectly ok that she is drawn to older kids.  Many children her age, actually won't play with others at this stage- you will see them go up to a child and play 'next' to them, not really with them.  That can go on until they are 4-5.  If your daughter is seeking kids out to play 'with' instead of 'along side'- that is probably why she is drawn to older kids.  I would just let her navigate that and mature at her pace.  Sounds like she is doing great with interactions with others!

Comment by Alicia on January 21, 2016 at 1:06am
Hi, everyone I'm new here, my daughter was born December 2,2014 she started walking at 10months and is extremely active. I'm trying to get her to play with children her age but she's drawn to older kids. Any suggestions or just let her find her way?
Comment by Katie, Mom365 Host on December 2, 2015 at 12:20pm

Happy first birthday to all the December 2014 babies and their mamas! Everyone here at Mom365 hopes your first year was a wonderful one. We look forward to seeing your babies grow and develop!

xo, Amber, Katie, and everyone at Mom365

Comment by Amber, Mom365 Host on November 23, 2015 at 6:36am

Welcome! We had that 'transition pickiness' with a few of mine too- I always worried they would starve! Sometimes it helped to cut the milk back a bit or not offer it until after meal time, but most of the time, we just had to iron it out over time. Cutting teeth never seemed to help with the appetite either- and when that was done, it also helped.

Comment by latina sweet16 on November 22, 2015 at 9:58pm
Hello I'm new here and my daughter will be one on dec 17th 2015 she's been a very easy baby so far but she recently has been denying her formula and refuses to take it she will drink milk no problem but isn't a big fan of eating much soilds maybe 4 peaces of pickups sometimes more is this normal I kno she's having a hard time cutting her too teeth
Comment by Amber, Mom365 Host on June 9, 2015 at 7:54am

Hi Gracie,
Good to see you here!

Comment by Gracie on June 5, 2015 at 1:56pm

Hello everyone, it's been a while.  I started my LO on cereal around 2.5-3mos.  She kept staring at us eating and the bottle alone wasn't cutting it.  I knew she needed more.  She is not on step2 baby food.  I told the pediatrition when she had every stage 1 and he said go right on up to stage 2 to introduce more variety and give her more food and less formula.  It's been working out great.  She gets a bottle in the morning, fruit based food for lunch, a water/juice bottle in between lunch and dinner, which is a veggie based food and then a bottle before bed.  I change her once throughout the night, but she sleeps all night.  I also saw some of you talking about reflux.  My LO doesn't have it thank goodness but a very good friend of mine, her lo does and I looked it up.  Give them some cereal in the bottle and keep them upright for at least 15-20 minutes after the bottle.  It helps.

Comment by Katri on March 26, 2015 at 5:02pm

Hi there, i am from Estonia and my mom keeps pushing me to start my LO on solids, cause thats how she used to do and thats how things are done over there :) In the end you're the mom and will know whats best for your child.. Besides what Amber was saying about diabetes i've read that the longer the baby stays on breast milk/ formula only the stronger immune system they'll have and the will be less susceptible for ear infections and even allergies.. so i've made my decision to wait as long as i can ( until 6 months, if all goes well ) to start solids
But, not to sound like a broken record: it's something you need to decide.. Read the research it'll help :)
Have an amazing day :)

Comment by Amber, Mom365 Host on March 26, 2015 at 10:47am

HI Judith,

When we were babies I know my mom did something similar to what you are describing- she did it around three months as well- we were all fine. :)  I think each culture and each generation have their ideas on how things work.  Science at times has even proven to be wrong, but sometimes it's accurate- problem is it's hard to know when it's right and when in 5 years it will tell you something different.  For myself personally- I never put an age on when I start solids, I try to study my baby and see how they are doing- do they seem to be satisfied after a feeding, are they growing?  If yes, then hold off on solids- if not, then maybe it's worth a try to see if they need the nutrition.  Some studies have shown that the longer you hold off the less at risk for diabetes and obesity your children will be as adults- that could be accurate, but studies can have errors or other factors could be involved as well.  Either way, you are the mom, so go with what you think is best!


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