Has your little one said any recognizable words yet?  What was the first word they said that you could recognize? 

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So far it's only mama,papa and das...we talk multiple languages at home so I read that bilingual children often start talking later...anyone else?

We are not bilingual at our house, but we had friends who spoke three languages- English, Russian, and Uzbeck- they used strictly English when out of the house, Russian was reserved for conversations between mom and dad, and at home only Uzbeck was spoken.  They made sure to take the kids out often so they were exposed to English (library story times, spending time with lots of people, etc).  The kids did take a little longer to develop their verbal skills- but when they finally did get that, they could speak the two languages very well.  I've heard from other sources that bi-lingual kids are slower to develop verbally, but it's better for them in the end, because when they have it figured out- they got both languages down which is a huge advantage!


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