The other day my husband and I took a few of the kids out for pizza as a big treat- our waiter was great and he saw one of my kids trying to cut up their pizza (my seven year old), he bent down and said "mom, may I show her how to do this"- I said "sure!"- he mentioned that he always tries to help because it takes a village. 

What are your thoughts on the 'village' theory of parenting?  Do you have a village surrounding you that you can depend on for a hand when you need it? 

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Yes it definitely does take a village.if my kid needs help,or misbehaves I want someone else to help her or to tell her no...she needs to see how people help each other out and tell her no because she needs to hear it from someone else.
And unfortunately I don't have any family close so iam heavily relying on friends...and yes strangers
I will be that parent that tells your kid if they are misbehaving

It can be rough to not have family close- sounds like you have some friends surrounding you though- and strangers can be a good resource too of course- as you said!


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