Do you have any plans for a birthday party for your little one?  Are you using a theme?  Will the party be big or small?

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We are only doing coffee and cake...they don't really know what's going on until at least age 3..

That's so true!  Sounds like it will be fun and stress free!  Enjoy!

We are doing a theme (paw patrol) party, my son loves the show! And I have 2 older daughters that are very excited for him to be getting big! The best part is when they dig in a cake for the first time. Yes they have no idea what's going on or won't remember it. But it's an amazing milestone as a mom to celebrate it!
If you look back on the past year alot has happened! Look how much your little miracle has grown! Love it! And what a better way to embrace the major changes then with a party to celebrate them! (And yourself, for everything we've been through!)
Up all nighters, rocking them, feedings, diaper changes, all the work it took to go anywhere, sometimes it took longer to get ready to go somewhere then the actual trip itself, soon that will all be gone :-(
To me the first birthday is a big one!! So yes a party is underway! 12.2.14 seems so long ago! And it was all worth it!
Happy birthday December babies!!


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