I spend about $125 a week on groceries for me, my husband and my 22-month-old son, and both my husband and I really feel like that is a lot! What's frustrating is I feel like I am fairly frugal...I don't buy much prepared food, or ready-to-eat meals, or individually packaged stuff, or any organic food, or even the "expensive" fruits and vegetables, lol! We do eat meat every night, and my husband takes his lunch to work every day. We eat out (Chipotle, Panera, fast-foody stuff like that) maybe three meals a week (Friday night and weekend lunches); this cost is not included in my grocery tab. 


I guess I am wondering how "normal" we husband (only half-jokingly) thinks I am spending all of our money on groceries and I'm really feeling like it is not possible for me to cut back anymore unless we start eating every meal out of a Rice r Roni box and I am not willing to do that! We are in a major metro area with a pretty high cost-of-living. I try to stock up on the foods we regularly eat when there is a sale. And of course, I use coupons!

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I use coupons and I buy I buy in bulk! It's usually just my husband and I, and our 11 month old daughter who eats "people food." My husband's son is with us every two weeks, but he doesn't eat a ton. I'd say our weekly grocery bill is around $90, mainly because I coupon (And Kroger has this Gatorade 10/10 deal and I found a 50cent coupon and used it on a doubling day ;-) Doing stuff like that saves me a LOT of money!
I have been an extreme couponer since March of this year and a rule of thumb is that you spend about $50/person in your household. For us we have myself, my boyfriend, and Logan (6months). I stock up for the month and shop at three different stores (Kroger, Giant Eagle, and Sams sometimes house of meats if they have a good deal going on). So I am planning out dinners for Justin and myself, he takes a lunch to work everyday (works outside so he takes alot and I buy over 300 sport drinks about a month, however I get them all when they have really good sales), and Logan's baby food. With my couponing I only spend about $100-150 a month. We also eat out every so often (mostly when we are out shopping or he gets home really late).

Wait, is that guideline $50/person per week, or per month? 


You're doing pretty great on the couponing! Is there a website you recommend?

That's a week... I have a few, but most are for the Toledo area...



A good one that shows deals in states is

I used to spend about $150 a week prior to starting couponing.  My husband & I work really odd shifts, he wor's 2pm-10pm & I work 8am-6am.  Sometimes it's hard making meals for just me & my daughter, so we tend to eat out 3-4 times a week.  I've learned with my grocery shopping to separate my trips.  I'll food shop & stock up frozen items & snack like stuff for my daughter once a week, then twice a month I'll make a separate trip to pick up the other house hold items & toiletries.  I also shop at one particular store that takes competitor coupons, so it adds to the savings.  By couponing I usually end up saving about 50% on the transaction.  I only try to buy items that are on sale that week, & if I have a coupon for it, it's an added bonus.

We are a family of five, one in diapers, two potty training, and we have another on the way. So I say we are a family of six (so I can eat more). ;)

So this year, my husband gave me a challenge to keep our grocery budget under $400 a month - includig diapers, toiletries, and dog food. Well, I have yet to meet my budget; usually exceeding by the second or third week of the month. But, in my efforts, I have found a lot of ways to save. I joined Amazon mom and subscribe n save for diapers - 30% off and they deliver them to my door for free. I started extreme couponing in March. I have gotten hundreds of dollars in free items from drug stores and groceries. I do not bother with the Sunday paper coupons, I just don't feel I have the time right now. I 'like' the couponing blogs on FB and just watch for deals in my FB feed everyday. If there is something that has an olnine, printable coupon, or does not require a coupon and is free or really cheap (like 11 cents), then I make a trip to get the free items. I have stocked my pantry with pasta and canned veggies for free or next to nothing. I play the drug store game nearly every week - buy items that generate store rewards and use the rewards to get items that generate more rewards the next week, so after the initial purchase, the items are essentially free. It takes a lot of will power though to not spend the drug store rewards on stuff I want now and waiting until the right time when I can get a really good deal. We drink koolaid instead of juice, made sugar free with splenda. I could make it on that budge tif we ate a lot of beans and rice. But I am like you, I want to cook good food and eat real meals. And I kinda can only eat what sounds good to me at the time, because I am pregnant, and the cravings will overpower the budget. Even with all of that, we spend between $600 and $800 a month. 


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