I was advised to pump after nursing to help my supply increase. I was told to pump about 5 minutes after milk stopped coming. I have noticed that it will slow then stop for a bit then start again. So I keep going. I recently learned my pump will shut off after 30 minutes. Lol I want to increase my supply, but should I restart my pump if I'm still producing after 30 minutes? Thanks!

First time mom, explains a lot!

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You can, but theee are more effective ways. Have you looked into "power pumping"? You would probably need help with your little one for the day, but you pump 20 minutes, rest 10, pump 10 minutes, rest 10, pump 10. You do that 4 times in 1 day and all though it's miserable, it boots supply like nothing else. Oatmeal, lots of water, lots of protein, skin to skin (no matter the age), and Lactation cookies are also options. Good luck!


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