Hi, my daughter is 3 months old and she is mostly BF but also give her formula about 3 times a day (4oz) sometimes she poops everyday. she was on Enfamil Gentlease Infant Formula for Fussiness & Gas since she was born but she would only eat about 2 or 3 oz and didnt seem to like it she was doing fine. I switched to enfamil premium infant she been on it since Oct 10 she loves the taste of it but she gets gassy and she also has colic. Should I go back to gentlease even if she doesn't like the taste of it or should I stay with premium enfamil. how long does it take to get her system back to normal after switching formula? If anybody has any information on this please let me know. Thanks! 


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If she is having problems pooping, you should take her to a doctor. If she has colic then she might need pre digested formula (very nasty stuff but sometimes it's necessary) or a laxative to mix with the formula might help also. Good Luck!

Hi!  We had the same problem with our baby's tummy.  I took our kiddo (born Aug. 6th) every week for the first four weeks because he was having trouble pooping and was very fussy-I could tell his tummy even hurt.  I used 4 different formulas including Gentlease.  Finally, the doc said to swich to Nutramigen and add a teaspoon of Kondremul to the bottle.  Nutramigen is more expensive but totally worth it-you're little one might have a milk allergy and may not be able to digest the other formulas as well causing tummy pain and constipation.  Plus, our doc said some kids have trouble pooping until they start crawling around more.  Kondremul is a stool softner and will help everything keep moving.  Start off with 4 teaspoons a day (spread out) and go up or down depending how the baby is doing.  Oh, and it takes one week for a baby to get used to a formula.  But do go see your doctor too.  My son had his tummy sonogramed and his anus checked for tightness ( I guess that can be too tight and then the baby can't poop).  Hope this helps a little.  I could go on and on. LOL  Contact me if you have any questions.  We are going to try Gentlease again around 4 months or so.  And if you do switch to Nutramigen ask your doctor for samples/coupons, contact the Nutramigen rep, and contact the Nutramigen company.  We ended up with a case of this formula for free and tons of coupons and you don't need to qualify for assistance or anything. 

How long has she been unable to poop? As children get older, they will defecate less, however, it isn't healthy for them to go days without doing so, especially at 3 months. She may be fussy because she is constipated, therefore she may need a suppository. If she goes for 2 days without pooping, I'd take her to the Dr to see what they think.

Try Gerber Gentle. its a lot better then enfamil, and cheaper too. my baby loves it and it keeps her BMs regular.

Try gas drops for the pain (I use Walmart brand) and I have been told Karo syrup helps with BM's.  My daughter is a formula baby we had to add 1/4 tsp of rice cereal to her 5oz bottles to help with spit up because the poor thing would spit half of her food back up and then be hungry in an hour.... yuck.  So, now she goes about once every 36hrs (boy does she go...), but her ped said if its any longer just a little bit of Karo syrup will do the trick.  Good luck with her!

my son which was brn aug 24th. was very colic and i had to put him on enfimil nutrimega(expensive)but after a month i swithced him to simalac fussiness and gas and he has been doing wonderful. Its nornal for a infant not to poop everyday bc my son wasnt and i took him to the dr and they said he culd g a cuple days without pooping. She just may have a hard time right now digesting the milk base of the formula..


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