Hi,my son is only 4 months old and i'm thinking to give him cereal, I think he is ready,but i don't know how many times a day I have to feed him? any advise?please!

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start with one meal a day at breakfast and see how it goes. i never started until 6 months though. if they're thriving on nursing or bottle stick with that as long as you're both happy with it.

thank you for your advise, I was thinking to start until he was 6 months old too but lately he is  not satisfy with the milk. He wants more n more like 5 ounces like every 2 1/2 hrs most of the time. Tomorrow I’ll try to give him some cereal and I’ll see if he wants it or not.

I thought the same thing! But go with what you think ex: my doc said6 months but my son needed more to film him so I started w/me bananas and rice creal ...and he sleeps so much better! So my point is go w/me what u think..he eats 3meals a day( breakfast. Fruit. Lunch: fruits. Dinner: veg) he's now 5 months..and good and strong

i was thinking about what I wrote and thought I'd add some to it. The breast or bottle is much more important than the cereal so give him the milk first and then set him down for a little cereal. this also helps when he's really hungry so that he can be more patient on a full or almost full stomach and you can learn together. I would also suggest that you not sweeten it, that can give a baby a taste for only sweet things and might give you fits when you try to start vegetables. I started with cereal but neither daughter liked it much but they absolutely love their veggies - I was very strict to start them first. My girls also both liked their cereal really runny because they simply don't know how to swallow anything yet. You progressively can work him up to thicker but for now be careful of that because he might choke - or think he's choking. Be very careful of the kind of cereal you give him...some are very binding and can cause a lot of constipation. If he's getting upset up to several hours after a meal of cereal you might consider changing. Hope this is helpful - every child is different and you have to read him for yourself - the excitement of being a mom! Enjoy and have fun!

That is very good advice. Milk first and then the food.

The reason pediatricians say to hold off on food is because giving food to early can lead to obesity. Also breast milk and formula offer a complete and balance food source while cereal and jar food do not. It's also less expensive.

You do not want to just give your baby cereal. It is missing key fats, proteins and minerals found in milk.

The pediatrician gave me the 'Ok' to give my twin boys rice cereal at 4 mos, and then to begin offering fruits/veggies at 6 mos.  I waited until 5 mos. for the rice cereal, I just didn't see any point in rushing into it when they seemed to be getting along just fine on a solid feeding schedule with just formula... and then at 5 mos.  they just seemed to be getting hungrier soon after finishing a bottle... so I thought something a little more solid (rice cereal... the one with mixed fruit or bananas has a much better taste) would be good to mix in at that point.  I just waited for their 'cue's'.  I started out giving it to them in the morning and then before bed... but I made sure it was very runny so there was no way they could choke on it... and gradually made it thicker and thicker w/ time. 

Also, to add to that- when I had my daughter back in 2005 things were much different... they said to wait until 6 mos. for rice cereal, and then closer to 8 mos. to introduce veggies first and then fruits.  The concern for certain foods leading to long term allergies if introduced before certain ages has also changed significantly since back then too.  It's very hard to tell what is best b/c things seem to continue to change, but again I follow the cue's my children give before anything else.  Even when my daughter was 'age-appropriate' according to Dr's standards to begin eating baby food she was still pushing it out with her tongue for several months (a natural reaction for newborns to prevent choking) so I knew she was not ready.  The pediatrician back then even told me veggies MUST be introducted first, and now (since 2011 studies) they say there is no real proof that the order of introduction has any relation to food taste preference long term.  So, at the end of the day just follow your mommy intuition while considering your Pediatricians orders is the rule of thumb I always stick with :)

 thanks everyone for your help i'll keep on mind first milk then food its good idea. i think i'll wait until he is 5 months for cereal

Start with once a day.  I started with one ounce of milk and enough cereal to make it the right consistancy based on what my daughter liked.  at 6 months I started vegetables in the afternoon & continued cereal at night with some fruit added to it.  My daughter's pediatrician said to start a third meal at about 7-7.5 months but my baby needs some extra calories.
definitely talk to your pediatrician, but this was a our timeline and it has worked great!

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