you notice the first time your 4 month old scratches an itch and you think it is the cutest thing ever! LOL.

Let me hear yours.

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hehe cute.

That is cute! When my son was brand-new I remember taking all these photos of my son's "digestion faces," because he would make a series of silly expressions right after every meal. I even had the photos printed and gave some to my MIL. I thought they were so adorable, but looking back, the photos were pretty bad and not very cute of my son. My MIL was probably like this mama is crazy, these are the pics she gives me?! LOL

you take pictures of EVERYTHING lol Gianni is going to be 8 months and I basically take pictures of him every day when he wakes up and stretches (so cute when he does that) when he eats, plays, laughs, cries, bathes, I mean everything lol and record him as well...I have snapchat and I use it more than anything else. But I think if I have to choose, anyone can tell I'm a first time mom when I would drop him off the daycare and I would be the only mom who stayed 10-15 minutes taking pictures and recording him and picking him up and taking more pictures and recording him lol My mom takes care of him now but I do the same still...I get to work late because I just have to spend an extra 5-10 minutes after dropping him off.


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