Do you have plans to start working out in the new year?  Are you joining a gym or do you have a plan to workout at home?

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I'm getting back on the horse. I've always been pretty good about staying active, but after having another LO this year I'm at the heaviest I've been. I've always really enjoyed Beachbody's at-home workouts so I got a subscription to their on demand service as a gift to myself:

Good luck! A lot of people seem to like beach body. Let me know how it works out for you!

Yeah! I actually learned about it on this forum myself :) It's been great so far!

They've actually expanded their programming to include a cooking show with one of the trainers and her brother and I'm loving that too:

It's been really cool to have a steady stream of new recipes to try while I'm dieting. I always get so bored eating healthy you know?

It is hard to get creative with healthy eating- sounds like a much needed resource!


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