My 5 month old daughter had been sleeping through the night but for the last 3 - 4 weeks she has been getting up to eat. During the day she only wants to eat a few ounces of breast milk at a time, but after about 7:00 pm she downs 5 - 6 ounces per feeding. Any suggestions on how to switch her eating schedule?

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are you breastfeeding or pumping?


She may be going through a growth spurt that is causing her to get up at night to eat. Babies sleep schedules change all the time so do their eating schedules you just have to roll with it. And one of the signs they say to look for when a baby is ready for solids is when they nurse more. The extra ounces at night might explain that. She's about that age. Our son is 5 months and we started him on bananas today. He loved them :) Maybe give that a try?

Thanks, I was going to start making some foods for her next weekend, maybe it will help. She is already eating oat meal pretty well, but she may like fruits and veggies better.

I recommend reading "The Sleepeasy Solution".  It has sleep training method including weaning night feedings and avoid night wakings.  It worked for my 5 month daughter.

Thanks, I'll have to get that one.
I agree with Erika. My daughter is almost 6 months old, and she has been in solid foods for a few weeks now because she was wanting to eat more and waking up in the middle of the night. Worked like a charm. Good luck.


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