My husband and I have one child together. He also has a ten year old. I am having trouble trusting my husband to care for the baby. He is great with his ten year old, but he seems pretty lazy with the baby. For example, last night she was super fussy when he was holding her. I suggested he try walking with her. His response was "I can't right now" as he sat on the couch.  He hasn't come out and said it, but it's clear he doesn't like the crying and our daughter is quite vocal! I've left the baby with my mom to go run errands and I'm completely comfortable. Is it weird I don't feel that way about my husband?

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How old is your baby? I have noticed that with most guys they want absolutely nothing to do with babies when they are still small, its because they are to scared to handle them, they dont want to hurt them, or deal with the messes, and they dont have that motherly instinct thing quite in them at first. My baby is 14 months old and my husband went from kind of wanting nothing to do with him to constantly taking care of him and playing with him. It is because my baby is at the stage where my husband cant hurt him hes fairly easy to understand and he can be his little buddy. When they are little and cry they dont have a dang clue  and it seems like they are always upset to men. I think as you see your baby grow older you will se him grow more and more attatched and start to do more and more for her. It kind of stinks at first but it changes... getting the feeling of not trusting him with her I understand, the second she poops he wont want to chang her and the second she starts crying hell start wondering what the heck she wants... every guy is different but trust me by the time she is ten like his kid he will be the same way with your baby, they dont have it in them like we do to handle babies, boys are rough and tough from the start it wont change 

My daughter is now 10 weeks and I haven't gotten any more comfortable. I took the dog to the very one evening and left my little one with my husband. She was sleeping when I got home. My husband proudly explained to me that put her in her crib, left her and let her cry for 5 mins before he went back in to calm her by patting her on her butt. He said he did that twice then she fell asleep. This is the cry it out method he has repeatedly suggested, which ive told him I feel she is too young for. Yea......wasn't happy about that. Especially since she has no problem going to sleep if you lay her down and give her her pacifier!

I know exactly how you feel!!!! But at the end of the day, I think men just have a different way of interacting with and caring for babies.... It's "maternal instinct" to freak out like we do (I feel like I'm becoming the most OCD person I know now that I have a baby)... With guys, they don't have that same frantic feeling about babies (in my experience). Parenting is so hard!!! But each one has their own way of being with kids... and that's probably a good thing, in the end! :)

I'm scared to leave my newborn with my husband also. I've left her with him to run to the store like 2ce and both times I'm not gone long and I always come right back. He works mon thru fri and I'm going back to work the 4th of April which will be fri, sat, and sun so he can keep her and we don't have to do daycare but I'm terrified he's going to fall asleep and not wake up when she crys or not be able to calm her. He's kept my 8 year old for the last 5 years while I work. Him and I have schedules around each other's but I don't think I can leave her here with him if my daughter is not here too. Is it bad that I feel 10x better when my 8 year will be here. I'll have to keep her home and away from the family members who want to take her every weekend. She won't think that's fair but ol well she'll have to help dad babysit. His mom wants to take baby over the weekends when I start work back but she lives n another county and I don't think I can go that long without her. I want my baby home before I go to work and definitely when I get home.
Not to mention she's still on the boob so a weekend away at 6 weeks is still a little steep sounding

Wow..are you married to my husband? My husband as a whole is very lazy but when it comes to his children he is very active. The problem is that he is a big kid himself and I cant trust him to make "safe" decisions. He thinks I am overprotective but a two moth old does not need to go to the pool! I also notice that he is very active but only when it is convenient for him. If he is tired or wants to go do his own thing he just does. I don't get that option. I don't think you are strange because I feel the same way. I worry that if he doesn't feel like getting up to feed her he just won't! I am sure or least I hope I am that he actually would, but its that little bit of doubt that makes me uneasy for longer than a few hours.


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