Has your little one gotten a hold of a pen or pencil and used the wall as an artistic canvas?  How do you encourage creativity, without allowing them to use your walls as a canvas?

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Augh, this one is really hitting home! My almost 3-year-old just used my brand-new rug as her canvas today, ugh. She has also drawn on the cabinets, walls, and often draws on the countertops. Markers are currently banned in our house as my 7-year-old also has a problem getting the pen on the paper (he doesn't do it on purpose (never did) but sometimes he colors through the paper onto the counter or carpet). So we are pretty much covered in magic marker around here!

I am right there with you! Every time I think I have all the drawing utensils picked up- somehow my littlest ones find one and I find some art work where it shouldn't be! The last place was crayon on the couch. Luckily, a magic eraser seems to do the trick on that one- but still not fun to find that!


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