My two-year-old is a total runner. She thinks it's so funny to take off running down the street so I have to chase her. Unlike my son, who wouldn't have ever put a pinkie toe into the street, my daughter will run into the road. So terrifying! We tell her over and over that it's dangerous, and that she absolutely must not run into the street, but of course she doesn't get it. How do we get through to her? I'm absolutely understanding the reasoning behind the child leash now....

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I have a few that do this, we had to work with them for a while, but we always made them hold my hand or my husbands hand while we were out walking.  They would squirm and try not to, but we would stop (not in the middle of the street of course- sometimes I would pick them up and carry them to a safe spot first) and I would get down to their level and say "we are walking in a parking lot or street (or near it), to keep you safe, you must hold my hand and we will not walk any further until you are holding my hand"- while I would say this I usually kept a hand on their shoulder or something so they couldn't dart off in the middle of the conversation.  If we saw a car go by fast, I would explain that's why we hold hands because that car could have hurt them.  There are some days that my kids still fight holding hands, but most of the time now, they grab right for it.  Not sure if that helps, but I know how scary that can be!

Thanks, Amber! It is so scary. My daughter really thinks it's just so funny, and she is really terrifying me!

Oh I hate it when they think it's funny like that- they just don't understand!


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