Someone please help me. My little guy has anger management issues lol. Some things you correct him on he's fine but other things like not getting what he wants he flips out and starts hitting things, throwing things, hitting himself, hitting me and screaming the house down. What do I do to get him to stop cause it can't go on like this.

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Oh dear, tantrums are the worst. Distract, distract, distract. Try to make sure he's not too hungry or too tired when faced with a decision. Try to give choices but limited. One in four kids throws very physical tantrums that include throwing themselves on the ground and crying, I think you just have to ignore those. But what to do about kids who hit and throw things? I'm not sure! I hope another mom chimes in with some good ideas! Good luck, hang in there:)
thank for your advice

I agree- re-drection helps a lot.  Sometimes when my kids act like this I just put them in bed for a cool down- usually they are overly tired and that's why they are acting out!

thank you for your advice I'll try and do what you and Katie suggest I do

 You are welcome- let us know how things go!


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