One of the best things I think I have done for my kids and continue to do, even with my older kids is to take the time to read to them- I wish I had more time to do this every day! 

How often do you read books to your children?  Do they have a favorite book they like you to read over and over again?

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We read every night at bedtime. Now that my son is 7 sometimes he reads to us too and that is so fun :) Both of my kids love books and reading. Curious George, Pete the Cat, and Duck and Goose are favorites.

Curious George is a favorite around here too!

We read every night together. Right now, we're reading through the Harry Potter books and the LOs are really enjoying them.

I've heard those are great books! Maybe those will go on my list of books to read. :)

My son had a 100 Machines book we read several times a day. He got so good he was reading them all back to me. It was great!

Oh that's awesome!  I was just looking at those "first 100" type books- I may have to add those to my list for my youngest for his Easter basket. 

I started reading DR WHO stories to my son in utero. I'm almost 40 wks and he responds to my voice when i get over animated, i try to read a couple times a week and have bought some books of some classic novel to share with him, i think it makes for great bonding

That's so sweet!  My older kids (my oldest is 14) have very fond memories of the Chronicles of Narnia series and a few other classics that we read to them when they were smaller- it does make for great bonding!

For Easter, I'm looking into those touch n feel books for my little one- does anyone have any favorites of those types of books? 


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