My daughter is almost 4 months old...over the past month or so I have begun shedding like a dog! It's terrible! I've always lost hair while in the shower, since my hair is really thick...but this is ridiculous. It doesn't matter how many times I run my fingers through my hair, strands will always fall out. I've heard of this happening after having a question is...what the heck do I do about it?! Is it going to stop, or is this my new normal?



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Have your thyroid tested, just to be safe. I lost a ton of hair when my thyroid stopped working after I had my son.

It's all thanks to hormones. During pregnancy your increased blood circulation brings more nutrients to your hair and nails. That is temporary, your good hair days end with delivery. The normal daily hair loss that we all have that is suppressed during pregnancy resumes with a vengeance. Especially if your breast feeding it continues falling out. They make lots of hair thickening products. I see them all the time on commercials. I think Garnier Fructis makes a new product called "fall fight fortifying shampoo." It's worth a shot?!

Ugh! It figures that would happen when I finally decide to grow my hair long! I will check about the Thyroid, but I don't have any other symptoms of thyroid problems so hopefully that's not it. I don't need thicker hair though, so if that shampoo doesn't reduce shedding then it probably won't be any good for me. Thanks guys!

Hi Bethany , I began losing so much hair into my daughters fourth month that I was crying almost everyday . Huge clumps in the shower and while combing out my hair . I went to my Dr about this , she said that between the 9 th and 12 th month after giving birth I should start seeing my hair get back to normal . She also recommended using a shampoo and conditioner named Nioxin . You can get at almost any salon . Kind of expensive but it totally helped my hair come back in . She also said I must keep taking my prenatal vitamins at least up to a year after giving birth , should also help the hair . I have to say that after the crying and thinking I was going to go bald my hair is definetly getting back to normal , so much new growth . My daughter is 9 months now :) stay positive , you will definetly stop shedding and you will see new growth in the months to come . :)

hello, unfortunately, the only thing you can do is wait it out.  Like the others have mentioned, if it gets bad and concerns you, go get it checked out.  My wife went thru the same thing and especially during postpartum, it gets depressing.  On top of that she was breaking out.  She never had any acne prior to being pregnant and now she has acne during her hormone spikes every month.  You can try different types of shampoo or products, but personally, we've been using natural products and that stuff doesn't harm your body.  The more stuff you buy to try, it wastes more money and the chemicals harm your body so I don't think it's worth it.  Just hang in there, you'll be fine!

Thank you both for your advice! I don't think it's bad enough to see a doctor or anything, more just very annoying. Hopefully it passes soon!

The same thing happened to me at 4-5 months after I had the baby. I naturally have thick long hair and it was coming out in globs! I am breastfeeding, but taking prenatal and iron pills daily. I got my thyroid checked because my sister had thyroid issues after giving birth to my nephew and one of her symptoms was her hair falling out. It wasn't my thyroid. Doctor said it just hormones leveling out. That during pregnancy your hair and nails grow in a super fast rate and not so much of the shedding part of the hair cycle, so after you have the baby it goes through it's shedding process (well that's the nutshell). But my daughter is almost 8 months and my hair stop falling out almost 2 months ago and I can see where it's growing back already. I have sprouts of new growth everywhere. :) Hope this helps.


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