I saw a new mom today with her week-old baby, she also had her 4-year-old and they all seemed great! I was impressed. I know I went out soon after both of my kids were born but I don't know if I made it to a little kids' music class (which is where I saw the mom I mentioned). I do remember driving my son over to a friend's house about two or three days after having my second, and the mom was so amazed that I was out. How long did you stay home after having your baby? Did you get back out there right away and run errands, or did you hunker down at home for awhile? I know if I had a C-section it would have been a totally different recovery time than my two easy deliveries!

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It was different for me with each of mine- my fourth was the point that I was most insane- we left the hospital, went to pick the older kids up from school, went to dance class, then went to an end of basketball season celebration for my son.  I wouldn't recommend doing that the moment you get out of the hospital- I'm pretty sure I cried three times that night, at least!

My last little one, I was 'hunkered down' the longest- my husband got three weeks maternity leave and I decided that running around like crazy would be stupid.  I stayed home for about three weeks. 


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