• I had someone question my use of a nursing cover this week. Because I’ve chosen to breastfeed, nursing in public is something that I do often. I have no choice. My baby gets hungry and I feed my baby. Any time. Any place. It’s as simple as that. I have found that a nursing cover gives me a sense of security, and I love the one I have. What do you think of nursing covers? Please leave a comment.

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I have a nursing cover also. I am the same way. I nursed right in the middle if the mall the other day. Pulled out my cover and went in. Lol. When the baby is hungry the baby is hungry. Te nursing cover is the best thing invented! Mines have my baby name embroider on it.. ;-)

If your child lets you, I'd say go for it? Were they thinking that you shouldn't use one (and wow, really? Talk about that someone sticking their nose where it doesn't belong.)? I mean, as long as baby is being well cared for, I think it's a win.

There's a commercial on TV these days where they show 'first baby' and a mom nursing in a corner with a cover and then they flash forward and say 'second child' and mom is talking to the waiter while nursing baby without a cover and say, 'hey, buddy, eyes up here.' motioning to her face.

I tend to think parenthood is like that. I used the nursing cover until my daughter pull it off every time I had it on, but I still nursed her. I didn't throw it out in anyone's face, but I'm not going to deny my kid her food because someone's puritan 1800s sensibilities are somehow wounded by the fact that I'm feeding my child.

I think they're great out in public or around strangers. But at home, at my family members. Or friends home that nursing cover stays in the diaper bag. :)

I don't use son has always pulled on them to the point where i was exposed . Instead I started wearing a tank top under my loose shirts. I pull the tank top down under my breast and my shirt over the top of my breast. Keeps everything covered and my son doesn't expose me :)

I liked mine, I only used it when I was among people I didn't know, or people who I felt uncomfortable breast feeding around. It's something I am glad I didn't pay much for, but worth having around, especially at someone else's home. If anyone wants to get one but doesn't want invest much into one here is a link to a coupon code if is someone is looking to get one without paying a lot for it. With the code it was like 12 bucks. . I never had anyone question my use of a cover. What did you do when she questioned you?

I'm not against nursing covers, but I don't use them. I always wear a tank top underneath my shirts. I pull the tank strap for whichever side I'm going to offer toward the middle of my chest and then lift my top shirt up. I'm completely covered, and honestly, for me, it draws no attention. If you use a nursing cover it's like advertising, "hey! I'm nursing!" Which isn't a bad thing, at all, but with almost 4 years of nursing babies under my belt, I've found what works for me. Whatever works for you is just as good :)

I use a boppy nursing cover and I love it! It is big enough that I don't feel exposed. When you are breast feeding you don't really have a choice. U have to nurse when they get hungry! I am large chested so I don't feel covered if I don't have something over me. Also people are going to know u r nursing. Cover or not!

Kudos to you choosing to breastfeed! I love when moms choose this and even commend them for doing it in public! Love the breastfeeding covers. They cover you up and lets others know you are needing your time with your child and still giving you that comfort feeling like I am at home and I can expose my breast with no awkward looks but yet in public you have a nice cover to shield your goods from prying . It lets you peak at them from the top to make sure they are still eating, latched on properly, ect! I used mine faithfully at restaurants, church, parks, a parked car, the mall, in the middle of fairs/festivals on benches-everywhere. Not once did I ever get a nasty look letting me know I was out of place. If I did I'd say so can I securitize you while you eat at McDonalds?

Personally, I think they are not worth the trouble (or money). It takes time to take the cover out of the diaper bag, hook it around your neck, situated the baby under the cover, and pull up (or down) your shirt. The whole time you‘re juggling a wiggly crying baby in one hand while trying to keep the cover on straight with the other (I don‘t know about you, but I don‘t have 3-4 arms). To me it’s just easier to put the baby (wrapped in a blanket) in front of me, pull my shirt up and my boob out. The top of my breast is covered by my shirt and my front is covered by the baby (with blanket). My technique may be a little uncomfortable for a first time mom with no experience, in which case I would recommend a cover. What I like most about how I breastfeed in public, is that nobody can tell I’m breastfeeding. It just looks like I’m holding my baby. A cover on the other hand makes it obvious to everyone that you’re breastfeeding. It’s not like I really care if someone gets a peek anyway (which never really happens). I wouldn’t have any problem pulling out my boob in public either (just because it‘s easier to not worry about hiding). I cover up because it makes other people uncomfortable. Not making other people uncomfortable works even better when other people can‘t tell what I‘m doing.

i used one when i nursed in public (well, up until six months when my son started getting too curious and wanted to watch the world while he ate!). in my case, we had such a hard time making BFing work in the first place that it was pretty awkward for the first couple months. having that cover made me feel better about the fact that i was struggling with it a bit. that, and frankly, i gained a lot of weight while i was pregnant and felt pretty miserable about myself body-image wise. i didn't want to show any more skin than absolutely necessary and the cover made me feel ok about nursing in public without being too exposed (showing my stomach - even covered in a nursing tank - made me more self conscious than exposing any of my breast, actually). 

When my son was first born and just a few months old, I used a cover. I was not secure with breastfeeding in front of people so it gave me some privacy. My son started uncovering his head though, so I have learned to be discreet in public. I wear a nursing tank under my shirt so when I lift my top to nurse my stomach is still covered and use my lifted shirt to cover my cleavage (my son still tries to lift my shirt though.). I was nursing the other day in taxi bell and over heard the mother of a young baby say how she wishes she could do that. I just wanted to say to her, it comes with time. You get more comfortable with it and realize your baby has a right to eat whenever and wherever they want. When I first started nursing, I would take a bottle of expressed milk with me just in case there were people around and now I nurse whenever, wherever cover or not.
Taco bell.... got to love auto correct.


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