My son just turned two and we've seen a recent change in his temper. He's alway been kind of stubborn but lately when something doesn't go his way it's a meltdown. He definitely looks like he's waiting for our reaction, he'll throw something then look to us. If we tell him no or stop him from throwing or hitting he loses it. We've tried ignoreing it but it seems to make it worse. We've tried coming to his level to acknowledge he's upset and talk and that doesn't work either. Not sure what to do but we need help.

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Two is a hard age, but it can be a lot of fun!  I have a two year old right now as well, so I can totally relate! 

I think the biggest thing you can do when you react, is to react how you want to model behavior for him- don't yell and scream  when he loses it- but talk softly and tenderly.  Sometimes he might just need a nap too if he is melting down. One thing I learned with each of my kids was if they are screaming- just take them to bed- they usually ended up crashing!  I wouldn't ignore the behavior as that makes it acceptable.  He might be melting down each time you correct him because he is a little sensitive- mine is like that too.  We still correct and say 'no hitting' but then we redirect and say "instead of hitting, let's go color over here- this is how we can be gentle with each other" or something like that. 

Don't get frustrated if it doesn't get fixed over night- two won't last forever and sometimes it just takes some time to work those issues out for kids!

My son turned 2 in August and he's getting like that as well. My son never really was a stubborn child when he was a newborn and an older infant. All I can say is if you're concerned, then maybe you should talk to your child's doctor and see if it's more to it than that.


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