Our tiny tot will be three in May. However, ever since he was a baby he's had the resolve of no other child I've ever met when it comes to pitching a fit. Even now he can easily carry on a fit crying and screaming for two hours or so. We've tried everything multiple times. Ignoring him and going about our business, trying to distract him or get him involved withHelping us, spanking (yes we spank when necessary), etc. There is no talking him down or reasoning with him, he gets in the zone and there you go.

Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated. These terrible two's are about to be the death of us. He is cutting his last two year molar and cutting teeth does impact his mood significantly at times. But these fits have got to change and stop.

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My little one is the same way! She is one and has the lungs of a five year old. She's always been a high tempered baby. Maybe you can take him out of the situation to a quiet room or car and just hold him and try to consol him but unfornuately I don't believe there is anything you can do about it:( they say that the part of the brain that controls emotions doesn't develope until about four or five. So they don't understand why they are sad or mad or crying. Everything is so scarey to them. Here is a great article on temper tantrums in toddlers that you should read. It helped me understand them a lot better!,0


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