hes scared of every one I do not know what to do 

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How old is he? Babies reach a certain age...usually around 9 months or so, and they get what my pediatrician calls 'stranger danger' and no one but the people they spend the most time with are okay to them. It's an age and stage thing, and it means that they're developing normally. Usually around 2 they'll start warming up to other people again.

he just turned 8 months hes been doing this since hes been about 2 or 3 months dose not like no one to walk near him or reach or talk to him if its not his sisters or me he crys at every one else and he even dose this to most people in the family all so.

There is the theory too that some babies are just more sensitive to their environment and the people in it. It could just be that he's a high needs baby ( ).

My baby is about to be 6 months and he already recognizes who strangers are. When someone carries him or talks to him and is not familiar to him he starts crying. I don't like this too, but what I do is let the "stranger" hug him for a minute and I leave because if he sees that you are not there and you don't have him in your arms they start crying. If I hear that he doesn't stop crying I immediately get him. Sometimes it works because the "strangers" start talking to him, but there are times they don't stop crying. Every baby is different and there are times I can't control my baby but hope this works and good luck.


My 2nd son didn't like other people to the point of an elderly woman in the grocery store strolled up to the side of my carriage and said something like what a cute baby and laid her hand on the carriage he hit her hand and said NO at just under a year. I was dumbfounded, apologized, walked away wondering where did that come from.

If you are trying to introduce someone into his life. Make sure all necessities are met, he is doing something enjoyable and have them join him. Work it slowly similar to introducing a dog to someone. If a stranger walks into your house you expect the dog to not be welcoming and warn you, so if the stranger is ok, you need to introduce them. You leaving when a stranger arrives gives a bad message to him. Stranger comes and my mommy that takes care of me is gone. I would much rather have my mommy then a stranger any day of the week.

some babies are definitely more sensitive to strangers than others, i think. my friend's 9 mo old daughter will let anyone hold her, walk around with her, whatever and will just smile and be content as if her mom were holding her. thankfully our son has pretty much always been that way, too, though he has gone through some pretty normal stages of stranger anxiety. my 9 mo old nephew, though, is the exact opposite. he basically won't let anyone but his mom hold him. he's even uneasy with his dad. on the rare occasion he'll let my MIL hold him, but he sees her pretty much every day so he's really familiar with her. with anyone else, though, he just cries and cries and cries and is inconsolable until my SIL gets him back and then he's immediately calm again. it's really hard on her because sometimes she can't even take a break long enough to go to the bathroom without him crying. the only thing that has gotten my nephew to let my MIL hold him is that, really, my SIL had no other choice. she almost had to do a cry-it-out type of situation while my MIL held my nephew. she had to take a break from him to do things like get my oldest nephew ready for school, take her shower, make lunch - just everyday stuff like that. she just had to leave him crying with my MIL and do her thing because otherwise she wouldn't have been able to get anything done. so in the end, i think she had to force him to get used to someone else and while it has worked with my MIL, it hasn't really helped in terms of other "strangers" - like, we only see them about a dozen times a year so if i try to hold him he cries for sure. so in terms of family members or close friends who are around him a lot, it may just take some "forcing" him to be with them, if that makes sense. as far as true strangers, though, i kind of wish my son were a little more leery of strangers, so it's not necessarily a terrible thing. :) 

all three of my nephews were that way, unfortunately, but in the end it just took time and the older two did eventually grow out of it. i'm sure the youngest will, too.


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