Hi!! My son is almost 6 months and had been rolling over front to back and back to front just fine for several weeks, but now it seems he won't roll over even though he knows how. When on his tummy, once he gets tired or frustrated he cries to be picked up or rolled over by me instead of doing it himself. Anyone have a similar experience?

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My daughter is 8 months old now , and she use to roll like your son. Yet, now she never rolls over. She would rather sit up or crawl. Even if she is crawling and rolls over to her back on accident she refuses to roll back to her stomach. So i know excatly what your going through. I've been trying to get her to roll more and she won't. I wish there was something to tell you to do.
Thanks, Amber. That's good to know. I wasn't sure whether to be worried!! How cute is your little one!! I'm new on the site - well to posting - and haven't gotten around to uploading anything. Thanks for your post!

I know it can be really frustrating when your baby seems to either learn "slower" than other babies or revert back like your baby has. Really the only thing I'd suggest is go back to how you were when he first started learning to roll over. When my daughter learned, I'd let her cry a little when she was mad, and sometimes that anger would make her flip herself over. I tried not to help her because that only shows her she doesn't have to do it for herself.

I don't think there would be a medical reason for your son stopping, maybe he just doesn't like it, which is fine. Is he crawling, or getting up onto his hands and knees or anything? If he's making progress anywhere else (no matter how small the progress is) I wouldn't worry about it and just let him do his thing. Since he's new to rolling over and hasn't "mastered" it that could also be part of it. He could have gotten frustrated with the whole thing.


Oh, and you said when he's on his tummy he cries to be picked up. Does he do that when laying on his back too? If it's just on his tummy, could it possibly be the pressure hurts his belly? Try putting a small firm pillow under his chest and arms, it'll prop him up a little and give him that headstart on rolling onto his back :-)


Good luck!

Thanks, Bethany Ann.  Well he used to roll onto his back and then back to his belly all the time while playing since he was about 4.5 months or so... he has just recently stopped.  He'll lay on his belly for a while now playing with his hands and toys and looking in a mirror, etc. but won't roll over when he tires of being on his belly.  He has started scooting some but no, he doesn't get up on his hands and knees yet.  He'll be 6 months in about a week so I"m hoping to see some more progress with time. I'm not into comparing his progress with other babies since I know he is uniquely himself and is progressing on schedule;  I was more concerned with the act of stopping something he had previously mastered. Perhaps he has just grown bored with it since he likes to sit up now... I appreciate the feedback and aren't you guys adorable! I love the little snap shot.

Thank you! She's the light of my life :-)


and yes I'm glad you don't compare your baby, I know some mom's who do that and they are driven insane by it! Then they forget to just enjoy their baby, which is the most important thing. I think the only time there's a cause for concern is if there's no progress at all and a drastic change in motor skills (or severe lack of motor skills).

I'm sure you're right, he's probably just bored with it or wants it to be simpler lol my daughter can be super lazy sometimes and even though she's done something (crawl, stand up etc) a thousand times, she'll just sit there and cry instead, wanting me to do it for her. Enjoy your little man, I'm sure he's adorable!

I went through something similar with my oldest child. She would learn a new skill, master it, and then refuse to continue doing it when she was learning something else. After a while she would either combine the new skills together or go back to the previous skill again. I believe this is normal, or at least that is what I was told by the pediatrician. I have noticed that my son, who is now 6 months, has started to do the same thing. He was scooting all over the place and now seems content to give up and wait for someone to give him the toy or whatever he is wanting. Like your son, he also will just stay on his tummy and cry when he gets tired. So I guess my question is, does this only happen when he is hungry or tired or does he do this all of the time?
Hi Kara. Thanks for commenting. He does this all the time. It's funny but I was worried since he is #1 for me. He just whines and stares at me like he's saying.. "Ok mom.... roll me over now please!" He has been working on sitting up without assistance and he has started scooting so perhaps he is simply wanting to focus on one thing at a time! I sure hope so - his next ped appt isn't for a few weeks but I'll make sure to bring it up.  Seeing that others have gone through this has lessened my worry though. 365 moms rock!
Mine did that when they were learning a new skill, such as beginning to crawl.

I have three boys (11, 8, 6) and two girls (4 and 9 months).  It wasn't until my last daughter that I've had this experience.  She was a preemie so we expected that she may be delayed in some, most, or all of her developmental milestones.  At 6 months we were thrilled that she had begun to roll both belly-to-back and back-to-belly only to discover that at 7 she would stop rolling, or even attempting to roll.  She had even stopped holding her bottle and showed no interest in trying to scoot or crawl.  Now at 9 months, you can't pin her down.  She's crawling, standing (witout assistance), climbing and into EVERYRTHING =].  I have no doubt she'll be walking in days to come.  All babies truly are different and he's shown you that he can already...  Chillax mom, I'm sure he's fine.  He's just a laid back baby (for now  LOL).


Thanks! I'm trying.... it goes against my grain to chill out. My hubby does it for me! I'm the worry wart! =)

My daughter's only 4 months old, and has been scooting across the floor inchworm style for a couple of weeks now, and seems to prop herself up on her knees while she rests. She knows how too roll back to front, and front to back, but she'll absolutely refuse to roll at all on some days, and will roll away on others. It's just depending on her moods.

 Have you tried making rolling a game? With Kairi, we'll hold her near the hip area, and roll her from one side to the other. (Not back to front, etc, more like gently rocking, but you get them to their arm, back on their back, other arm, back, etc.) My daughter loves it and will giggle a lot while we play.

  But each baby is different. =D Alot of people's children don't hold their head up til 3 or so months, and mine's done it -literally- since the day she was born.

My baby girl is now 8 months old... I had exactly the same concern that you have now, since my baby did the same... I tried to excuse this by saying that she did not like the feeling of falling (when rolling back) and I even mention this to our Pediatrician, she said it was normal, and that I have nothig to worry about, my baby was seatting by herself and that acomplishment was even harder... so I let my baby cry a little then help her or lift her... 2 or 3 months later, she's rolling back and forth, kind-of-crawling, moving around, almost standing up in her crib and doing perfectly fine. What I mean, is babies develop at their own pace, and even everyone told me this, I HAD to see it with my own eyes just because I needed reasurance from my baby. I hope this help to ease your worries, but I'm sure you'll ask your pediatrician anyway :p.. just as I did.



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