I have a bright, active little guy who for the past 8 weeks has had a nagging cough.  We have been in touch with our pediatrician via phone conversations and in office visits these past couple of months.  Over this time we received a variety of tips on things to try ranging from honey and lemon in water, warm compresses for his chest, a humidifier, and saline spray, to Benadryl (none of which had any lasting relief).  We have noticed that his cough seems to occur when he is playing hard and starts breathing heavily, when we go outside in the cold (we live in Oregon and it's chilly this time of year), and at night.

 A couple of days ago at the park he was going down the slide over and over and over and was starting to breathe more heavily, sparking a heavy coughing episode that was so bad that it made him throw up.  So we made an appointment with our doc, and after a thorough checkup today he was diagnosed with minor asthma.  It was actually a huge relief to finally have an answer to what has been causing my baby discomfort, but it also got me thinking about what this could mean for his future as an active kiddo.

 He is a kid who is in constant motion; running, jumping, rolling around on the floor, climbing, dancing, galloping; and my husband and I are not parents who want to limit this zest for his active little life in any way.  We want to let him set his own limitations, but wonder if as a 2 year old he will be capable of slowing down when he needs to.  The doctor prescribed an inhaler that we will give him before bed and any time he seems to be coughing uncontrollably, and already tonight it seems to be helping him sleep soundly.  I was just wondering if anyone else has gone through this sort of experience and has any advice?  

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Hi. I'm 25 yrs old and a mom to a 2 yr old and expecting another child on the way. I have had asthma since I was a baby. My dad has always had an inhaler to give me incase I couldnt breathe cuz I stayed in and out the hospital so much. Your son will be ok to run around and play and to do the things he loves to do. Overtime, his asthma will vanish as mine did and it wont be so bad. I still have asthma to this day but its not like it was when I was a child. Hope this helps.

Thank you for sharing, it really does help to hear your story!  

How are things going now? Is he feeling any better?

He has been using an inhaler before bedtime and as needed, and it really seems to be helping things!  He is coughing much less in general throughout the day, and when he does start to cough a lot after running around or being outside, a puff of the inhaler seems to stop it within minutes.  It is such a relief to be getting his breathing back under control!

I had SEVERE astma as a baby/child as did my younger brother so my mother was at the hospital with at least one of us once a week.  I now have a daughter who was diagnosed with pre-asthma and it is a big stress when she gets a cold b/c she ends up on nebulizer and predisone, etc. The good news is that I outgrew my asthma almost completely, (only needing meds about 2x/year).  Most kids who develop asthma outgrow it.  I just recommend finding the best asthma doctor in your area and keeping on top of it as best as possible.  I know it is a real stress.  I don't know how my mom made it through with two of us having it.  Very scary to watch a child struggle to breath :-(  but he will be ok.  As a teen I was able to play sports and do all the nromal things other kids were doing.  It did limit some of the things as a child that I could do (like go outside for recess when it was too cold (this triggered mine and my brother's asthma as did heavy exercise, but I outgrew this as well) sometimes the cold weather triggers it, mostly just when I get a cold, it will go into my lungs, but I knwo now to call my asthma doctor at the first sign of a cold and we can prevent a full blown attack).  You will learn how to controll the asthma and learn all his triggers.  Good luck!


I have asthma and now my 17 mth. old also has asthma.  He was diagnosed w/ Asthma @ around 5mths. old. He takes the Albuterol inhaler and Flovent as a preventative medicine, which really helps! If your son seems to have difficulty breathing I would suggest talking to your doctor about putting him on a preventative medicine as well as the fast acting inhaler. My son usually has problems with his asthma when he gets sick.  It is much different for a kid with asthma when they get sick, as it usually intensifies the asthma.  So far, other than when he gets sick the Flovent has worked wonders.  No coughing @ night( he coughed a lot @ night prior to the Flovent) , no problems when playing/ running etc. etc. When he does get sick he usually has to be put on steroids to clear up his congestion.  

Don't worry about your son being able to do what other kids do.  I had severe Asthma growing up and I still played soccer, basketball, track etc. etc.  Yes, there were times I had to get off the field/ court to use my inhaler, but I would use it and go back in. There were also times when I was admitted to the hospital, but again I had severe asthma. I still use my inhaler, but grew out of it @ around 20 yrs. old.   

As far as triggers.Yes, cold weather can trigger it ( put a scarf around his mouth ), wood heat can trigger asthma or an allergy to something, such as things outdoors. As time goes on you may find certain things that trigger his episodes. 


my 10month old has problems with her asthma when she gets sick as well and yesterday she was put on the Albuterol inhaler and I also noticed her coughing WAY less last night as well... I was bothered by the thought that she has asthma or that I wasn't doing my job right, but now i see that it happens in other kids too... and although I wish asthma would stay away from ALL children.... I find a little comfort in knowing that I'm not alone. :) and I'm glad that she will be able to play like other children as she grows up.

I did go through this experience you just described. So sorry you had to go through it. Hopefully as he gets older like my first son, he can have more mature body system for immunity and all else that effects the triggers of asthma. I changed my baby blankets I don't have the type that causes so much dusty lint in the air I do my best to keep the house dust free, so it's become a weekly chore. And I do get him to calm down when he get's to active. There is hope because as I said they grow out of it in some cases. He will still be able to live happily!!! And maybe you should consider giving him healthy cocoa. It did help my baby boy  with less frequent asthma attacks and problems


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