I have a 14 month old son i just noticed his toes are peeling...alot. I'm concerned, has anyone had this happen with their baby? If so what causes this? Its a saturday so my only option for him seeing a doctor is the er And that just seems ridiculous And beyond drastic

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That happens to both of my kids, and me! I can't really explain what causes it. For me, it's a seasonal thing. My feet are fine all year, then summer hits and my toes start peeling. I don't know if it's from walking outside barefoot, or from sandals, or from our feet getting hotter in general.

If it starts blistering up and getting cakey looking, I'd bring him to the pediatrician just to rule out Athlete's Foot (a fungal infection), otherwise, lotion, and time.

My 8 month old son's toes just started peeling or SOMETHING in between each toe.  I thought it might be that his feet were getting too hot in his jammies or something? It is only between the toes, though.  Where are your son's peeling?

Hope this helps.  When I was younger my toes would peel in the summer or very rarely in the winter.  By process of elimination we found it was from plastic shoes.......

My son also had his toes peel this summer.  I took a look at the tennis shoes my MIL bought him and they were made of a plether. You know plastic made to look like leather.  Once I eliminated those shoes and only put on shoes where his feet could breath, like cloth sandals, or tennis shoes (like sketchers) we have not had the problem.  An easy way to cure the peeling feet is Aquaphor.  I rubbed a little between the toes where it was peeling and tops of toes and it has gone away, completely.

My son's toes and feet peel as well. I asked his doctor about it and he said it was normal just him going through changes.

Thanks for the advice! Ill try the aquaphor on his feet , he mostly wears sandals And tennis shoes but thats definitely good to know about the plastic....his toes r peeling all over..on And in between a little
When my sons toes and feet were peeling, I didn't know why either. But with a few internet searches and a trip to the doc, come to find out he had strep throat. He didn't have any of the other symptoms fever or anything in his throat. It is a very rare symptom from what I can tell because I had never heard of it before. Anyway, that's great just my experience with peeling toes and feet. Good luck.

My son was going to  turn 1 when we first noticed his toes and in between the toes peeling. My MIL thought it was caused by cheap shoes but in reality it was caused by putting on his socks while his feet where still a little damp. Luckily my babysitter was good about his hygeine and after she would bathe him she would dry his feet really well and sprinkle some powder on them. I told her that when its hot I like to rub my kids down with baby powder instead of lotion because it helped abosorb extra moisture on their skin.

I can relate to that because my son toes and his foot is peeling. But I was told to keep lotion and oil on his feet because he feet may be dry so I just started doing it now. So I hope this helps a little.

My son is 21 months old but a few months back I took him to see his pediatrician for the same thing.  He said it was from sweaty feet.  And boy did he have sweaty feet!  We now have to keep him barefoot when he's in the house but use lotion a few times a day.  Worked like a charm!  If we do have to have him in socks and shoes we put baby powder on his feet and in his socks first.  Not only does it help to keep his feet dry, but it smells better too (yes, he had stinky feet at 15 months lol).  Now his feet are back to normal and we just remember to always have him barefoot while in the house.  We bought him sandals to play outside during the warm months (which, he STILL sweats in) but again, just take them off as soon as he gets in the house.  His doctor told us to stay away from the footed pajamas too so I don't put him in those anymore.  It literally cleared up in less than 2 weeks and they've been fine ever since.  I only put lotion on his feet at bathtime now.  Hope this helps...good luck!


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