My baby is just 2 months and this is a little ways off, but I don't really think that I need to purchase a walker or activity center. I'm sure my in-laws have different ideas but I believe that she will be fine crawling, pulling up, and eventually walking on her own without these. Any ideas or does anyone strongly suggest 1 of the 2?

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I put my baby in the walker and jumperoo so i can do house chores, not really for the part that i am expecting it to teach her how to walk. It is very convenient for me especially in the morning where i have to clean her bottles and prepare her food, she loves to walk around in it. My first born is 17 years old now and he used a walker too but he doesn't have any hip or leg problem.He is very athletic and in good shape. I think anything is bad for our kids when we are over doing it ( toys, walker, tv etc )

My mother purchased a walker for our son from but at first he didn't like it at all, the music was too loud for him so we turned it off and I often felt that he didn't like it that much to sit in there so in the end we hardly used it at all and gave it to my sister, and her daughter really enjoys sitting in there and loves to ride through the house and to play with the buttons etc. So I guess it is an individual thing but they are definitely not necessary, your child can also learn to walk without.What I found more helpful was a playpen where he was able to walk without me having to fear he could fall on hard ground (we mostly have tiles).

Less is more. Keep it simple, primitive, and challenging. In the long run, it'll be worth the wait for the entire brain to be stimulated at its own organic development.
My first two would Jump until they fell asleep but my third hardly used it. I had a walker for outside in the driveway when the kids were playing or I was doing garden work.

I think walker can help you your baby in learning of walking fast. There are different type of walkers available in market. You can check from below link:


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