My baby is just 2 months and this is a little ways off, but I don't really think that I need to purchase a walker or activity center. I'm sure my in-laws have different ideas but I believe that she will be fine crawling, pulling up, and eventually walking on her own without these. Any ideas or does anyone strongly suggest 1 of the 2?

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I have always heard bad things about walkers.  Supposedly they are bad for babies hips, legs, etc.  I borrowed my sister's and every time I put my son in it (when he was old enough) he would cry and want out...he never walked in it. He was at the age where he was crawling and didn't want to be "confined" to something.  All babies are different though. 

When you say activity center - are you referring to a mat of some kind with animals or things to pull on, mirrors, etc?  Those are kind of nice.  They give your baby the chance to touch, feel, grab things, maybe hear different sounds, see themselves in mirrors,etc.  My son liked his, but it's not like he spent hours playing with it.  It's just something different for them to do, exposing them to different kinds of stimulation. 

I purchased my son a walker. Not the kind of walker to sit in and walk, the kind you push. The box said for baby's 9months and older, however I always purchased toys months ahead of his time. He was 6 months when he pushed the walker and started to understand the concept of moving his legs one step at a time, he started walking at 81/2 months. Every child is different. I too purchased an activity center for him. I purchased a leap frog one, it had the option of placing it on the floor or standing it up on four legs, I always kept it up, at 4 months he was pulling himself up and pressing the buttons. I felt the items assisted in his development, of course sitting with him and showing him how to operate these items also helped. Whatever you decide I'm sure your little one will be just fine :)

I had an exersaucer for my kids and they loved it! It allowed them to sit up straight and have toys right there where they could reach them. I used it for several months. It had some kind of springs in the legs and would allow them to jump up and down in there too, which my son really enjoyed. As far as a walker, I dont' even know if you can find those anymore. Not the kind the baby sits in anyway... I thought they had been banned because people would leave their kids roam around the house in those and not be smart enough to block stairs. But a push toy on wheels to grab onto to help her walk is also a good thing to have. Just don't get the Fisher Price Lawnmower. I got one of those and, other than being extremely loud, the handle doesn't stay up and as soon as the child holds onto it and starts walking, the handle fell to the floor, along with the baby. Good luck!

I didn't think I would use a walker or anything like that either.  I was like you and thought my little guy would be fine on the floor playing.  My sister-in-law gave us her jump-a-roo to use and actually it is nice to have.  It keeps him busy for a little while and I don't have to worry about him falling over.  We also have a walker which he loves and is in it all the time!  He can go all over the house and I thinks he likes being able to do it himself.  I think it depends on the kid.  Mine wants to be busy all the time and gets bored very easy, always on the move.  He is also kind of chubby which they say bigger babies crawl/walk slower because they have more wieght to move.  He is 8 months and he still doesn't crawl he kind of scoots but he would much rather you hold his hands to walk.  They are nice to have to keep him busy while I am getting ready in the mornings and cooking supper....

I guess it's a personal preference. I didn't use any walkers with my little ones. I don't think it really teaches them balance for walking. I feel they need to be on the ground working their little muscles and learning to push themselves up. I guess you can get him one for entertainment while you do the dishes or laundry.

We had a stationary walker and one that rolled. Our pedi recommend a certain age but said kids won't stand until ready. The sationary walker was more of an activity center that was just like the walker. It was amazing when I needed to start dinner or take a shower. I could put my daughter in the activity/stationary walker and accomplish so much. She was happy playing with all the items and I could keep an eye on her. They are kinda pricey. I would tell your in-laws that it would be nice but with all the other expenses it would be nice if someone got your lo an early christmas or birthday gift. They help with motor skills and decovering how things move. But as some moms have said there are so kids that are just scared or not given enough time to adjust to the new item. So kids just are so clingy that they can't get away.

They're definitely not necessary. I had a push walker for my daughter, it just helped her along before she could walk on her own (so was basically an assistant to cruising). I had a Jumperoo, one of those exersaucer things, and that kept her entertained after she outgrew the bouncer seat and wanted to sit up, that way I could get some chores done without having her laying on the floor. "back in the day" they didn't have most of things and their kids turned out fine, so if you don't want to buy them, don't feel pressured to!

No, neither are necessary.  Your daughter will develop fine without those things.  I do have an exercauser, which is nice b/c I can put him in it when I make dinner.

I had a playmat for my son starting at a few weeks old and also introduce him to a activity center-exsaucer along 3 months old and I would put a blanket behind his back, and I would sit there and play with the toys with him. I really think this helped him hold is head up and also give him leg strenght. Now the walker I had given to me and my son hated it, but I would try and but him in it every now an then when I was cleaning or doing something and that was around 6 months when he started sitting up and pulling up on things, but he would get mad because he couldn't get to things!

A walker imo is not needed. An activity center I felt was absolutely necessary!! It's nice to put the baby in it and have your hands free. I wish I would have gotten one of those bounce seats you hand from a doorway. You can get all those things used at Once Upon a Child, etc. so you don't waste your money if it's not used much by your child. 

I don't like walkers but I have a exersaucer and a jumporroo and my son loves them keep him busy so mommy can get stuff done
I think they will be fine without it I went out and bought some for my babies and they used em maybe twice they would rather be crawling
Around free they are now walking and they are great walkers


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