My 2.5 yo insists I lie down with her every night at bedtime, and I can't get up and sneak out until she's fully asleep or she throws a fit. She shares a room with her big brother and we have a nightlight. When we first transitioned her to a "big girl bed" she went down without issue, but now she needs me. Any ideas for getting her to stay in bed alone? Thanks!

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My 2.5 year old has started protesting at bed time too- it was surprising because she used to put herself to bed all on her own, then all the sudden- she started throwing fits.  I've found that having a routine can help- but it's not fool proof.  Our routine is to get PJ's on,  read a story to all the kids, then we head up to bed.  I lay down with each of them and ask them the best part and worse part of the day, then say bedtime prayers.  I've found that if I do her first- then just tell her I need to go over to the next kid, that helps her to understand that there is more going on then her- and she lets me move on.  There are some days when she will throw the fit, but I usually just stick her back in bed, say good night and move on.

There are days that we repeat the process of placing her in bed alot and she cries and fusses, but we just let her be for a bit (obviously making sure nothing is there to hurt her before we walk away).  It's important to make sure they have snuggle time, so the routine is good for that- but other wise, don't feel bad about having to walk away. 


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