One of our bloggers wrote about the iPotty here:

My daughter just turned 2 a few weeks ago, so we're starting to introduce the potty. I admit I've put the potty in front of the TV a few times just to keep her sitting there, but I'm not sure I'd go this far. I mean, look at this thing!

Would you use an iPotty? Do you already have one, or know somebody who does?

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This is too funny! My older child would LOVE this... but then I would never get him off the toilet. I think this might work for a few days of training, but after that, it would definitely backfire!

I think it's ridiculous! I was just talking to my best friend about this. Kids are WAY too dependent on technology. I bought a Kindle and my kids have their own account on their, but they only get to play it maybe once a day. They don't get it when we're waiting in line, or at the doctor's office, or at a restaurant. I will not give my kids technology to shut them up and keep them "well behaved." That is not teaching them to behave, it's distracting them and if you take it away, not only will you have a wild child, you'll have a wild child throwing a tantrum. And this toilet? Come on! Now kids need to be entertained while they PEE?!

This is so ridiculous. I'm not one of those Mom's who fears her kids using over-using technology or anything either, but this? Seriously? There is a time and place, and on the toilet is just overkill.

Normally i would run screaming from this but having a 4yo with special needs and terrified of toilet...she loves her ipad so this might be a winner in her case.

Just think of the trouble of removing this kid from the screen when you have introduced it this ealry, So I will go old fashioned and enjoy the contact I have with my daughter. Technology detoxing/weaning is an impossible task ask those with older kids. It may be convenient now but hey you need the human side of your baby not the tech side. I am struggling with toilet training on 2 year old but what I see with nieces and nephew and their technology makes me detest this innovative idea. Good but dangerous

Way to young for technology. My mother gives my daughter her IPhone to play with and I do not like it. Give the kids a few outdoor toys or pine cones and rock... They'll figure it out. They'll be stuck with this crap later. 

I use the "iGoPotty" by huggies and it helped my 2yr old go to the bathroom. I have it set for every 30 mins. He will go #2 but will forget #1. Its a little backwards but its better than cleaning dirty bottoms and changing stinky pull ups. This ipotty is just too much for a child.


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