My Lo is 7 months old and has been fighting sleep like crazy. When it comes to nap time or even time for bed he will scream even though he is obviously tired. Rubbing his eyes partially closing his eyes but he will or go to sleep until I pat his back. If we try to let him cry it out that doesn't work he will just sit there and cry. He won't take his bottle or anything. Any advice for a new mom!?

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Has he been pulling at his ears? My sister's baby was doing the same thing and they realized he had an ear infection. Or teething? So sorry, hope he goes down soon!
He has not Been pulling at his ears but he is teething working on that second tooth breaking through
Some babies have to be taught how to sleep. My daughter was a terrible sleeper and would fight it until the bitter end. Is he a high needs baby?
He was a great sleeper it just recently started. I don't think he is high needs he is very independent he can be put in his walker or bounce and I will clean and he is totally fine until it's nap time.

Have you tried putting him down a little earlier? Maybe he's missing the nap window and actually getting overstimulated? I put my daughter down as soon as she rubs her eyes.

I will have to try that, thank you! We will see how that works.

Good luck, let us know if that helps!

I feel like it did help today but know I'm thinking he has an ear infection as well he keep pulling in his ears and he has a stuff/ runny nose my poor baby
It's different for every baby but I give Leo his bottle in my bed, let him cash out & when he's good & passed out I move him to the crib. I think the separation anxiety is quelled by being in our bed. Also, I give him a little warm cereal a little while before that last bottle- that way he doesn't keep waking up hungry.


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