Do you see yourself being the type of mom your mom was/is?

She did make me do a lot of things that make perfect sense to not have a dirty house and not really have to spend time cleaning it up...and when it comes to the spanking, I believe in it as well. What are some things you do that your mom did?

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I hear my mom every time I open my mouth to talk to my kids, lol. Like my mom, I'm (mostly) unwilling to buy a bunch of individually wrapped kid foods because of the cost and wasteful packaging. I think I am firm but kind in the way she was with us. Pretty traditional, really. She did very infrequently spank us but that is one area where we differ.

lol it's crazy how we turn out like our parents. I only said mom since I didn't meet my dad like all my brothers and sisters did so I don't know how much I am like him but I see a lot of my mom in me. But she is over all really good on putting discipline on kids. I wont spank until I really need mom didn't really have to spank me since I wasn't bad. I didn't do anything "bad" until I was 18 lol but she saw it like that since she is very into church. (I cut my hair short and started going out to clubs and drinking)...I'm just glad I don't have a girl lol

My mother was very 1950s I remember only she cooked and would sit down last and we would all eat. I was a bit of a wild teen and probably made her grey faster.


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