My daughter is 18 months and still co-sleeps with me. It worked out great at first because I breastfeed her. The problem is daddy can't sleep in the same bed with us. He's afraid to roll over her, and when he tried sleeping head to feet backward, she kicks the heck out of him in the middle of the night. Since he has to be up for work we almost always sleep separately. Any advice on getting her to sleep in her own bed? Currently still nurse her and she is potty trained, she wakes up at 4 am to go to the bathroom too.

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Both of my kids co-slept, too. When it came time to get them in their own beds we just moved the whole sleep process into their own rooms. I used to nurse them down in bed with me and go to sleep myself. Then I started nursing in their beds and putting them down on their own after they fell asleep from nursing. Now that my youngest is weaned she still has trouble getting to sleep on her own so one of us sits with her and rubs her back until she relaxes. Sometimes my husband will lie down with her and I'll have to go fetch him a couple of hours later when I realize he never got out of her bed. He can sleep anywhere. lol


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