Nobody said breastfeeding was going to be easy, but I love doing what only a mother can. The problem is lately my 3 month old has started biting me when I am feeding him. He clamps his jaws down really tight and it hurts like the dickens! He does it when he needs burped but doesnt want to let go - when he is falling asleep and doesnt want to let go - and pretty much at any other time for no apparent reason. I try the whole inserting finger to end the feeding, but he has gotten wise to that trick and only closes his jaw and lips tighter to try to prevent me from taking his food away. What's more, because I am not just braking suction but trying to pry his little jaws open, there is no easy way to do it and he only ends up upset, I end up in worse pain, and he wants my now very sore breast back immediately - it is making breastfeeding very unpleasant as I am in agony most of the time.

Please help!

Any suggestions or tips that will help??

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Oh, what a situation. Mine never started this that young. :( I don't know that I have any advice! Hopefully someone else will. Have you tried contacting a local lactation consultant for input and/or to observe a feeding? That might be a good bet, too.

Hang in there!
Before I read the age, I figured your little one was about three months...mine just turned this age and is doing the same thing!! Ouch! I know it sure does hurt like the dickens! I remember the other three kids doing it, too, and I would GENTLY touch their cheeks and say, "No!" They would cry, just like he does, but eventually they would stop. I'm only glad he doesn't have teeth yet! Don't get me wrong...I'm not totally sure if he understands, but it starts that conditioned response. I'm not sure I have any other ideas, as I stopped breastfeeding before they had teeth and went solely to pumping. I'm anxious to hear others' responses. Best wishes to you! Hang in there! We all, including our babies, are learning through all of this, too! :)
When mine started biting I gave him a light "flick" on the cheek (not enough to hurt him but enough to startle him) and firmly say "NO". He would let go and cry a little. I would then snuggle him, tell him I loved him and tell him it hurt Mommy when he bit. When I gave him back the breast I would say "Be gentle". It took about 4 or 5 times of doing this, but it worked.
My son is barely going to be 6months, he started doing this a little while ago also, but see my problem is that he has TWO TEETH now. What I started doing was when I would get ready to breast feed him, I would make sure my hands were clean then let him go at it. Then of course, he would clamp down and bite me, so I would just nudge firmly a little on his cheek closest to me with my knuckle. That would break the suction a little, startle him and before he would cry, I would put my knuckle in his mouth so he can bite as much as he wants. (hence the hand washing prior to feeding) Then as soon as I see that he is no longer biting the knuckle and starts to lick it or attempt to suck on it, I would then let him attach again to the breast. Him and I both have gotten the hang of things so I know when he is gonna bite, so before he does it, I nudge my knuckle to his cheek and he knows to stop... During the whole time its a good idea to talk to him, let him know that it hurts mommy and show him some love by rubbing his back or playing with what little hair he has... anything to distract him from biting.

I had planned from the begining to stop breastfeeding as soon as he got his first tooth, that was almost two months ago and now he has TWO teeth and Im still breastfeeding. It just takes some getting used to. Baby is getting used to his teeth and practicing tounge placement for eating with some pearly whites getting in the way, and mommy just has to deal with it for the benefit of the child. lol I dont know, I see it as no matter the pain, as long as my child is getting the best that I can provide for him, everything is good. I know its tough, I wanted to give up too, but the pain subsides and the memories and the great benefits that your child gains, are sooo worth every sore nipple.

hope this helps a bit(e)!
I have just weaned my son, well, he weaned himself. He just turned 9 months old on Thursday. He has had his 2 bottom teeth for about 2 months now. He was doing really well but in the last 3 weeks he started biting. At first it was just on the right breast and I figured it was because that breast had never had a good flow. But then he started in on the left breast. When he bit down, it always seemed to me on purpose because he would look up at me and pull his lips back as to say 'I'm gonna bite you now". lol. Of course I didn't take it personally. Each time he bit down, I would just stick my finger in his mouth to break the suction and let him try again. One day it was 3 times in a row and I think that was the day I figured he was ready to quit. Two things I think contributed to him weaning himself are; I did notice that in the past 4 months my milk supply was slowly dwindling. I was either pumping or feeding him regularly but it still seemed it was never enough. The only thing I could think that could interfere with the supply was my birth control. I am on the mini pill which is to be safe for breastfeeding moms but I really do believe it contributed to the short supply. Also, when I was at work he was given the breastmilk in a bottle. It doesnt take long to realize you're gonna get more faster from the bottle. So now he's finishing up the stored breastmilk I have and when that's gone will start on formula. If you are not ready to wean I strongly encourage speaking to a lactation consultant to see what tips they may have.
I just wanted to comment on the "mini pill" that you are currently on. to say number 2 was a product of the mini pill :) I am surprised they are even still prescribing that to women - my last two doctors have said that I am just one of MANY cases where a breastfeeding mom got pregnant while taking the mini pill. It is entirely ineffective, so be careful...especially since you just weaned your son (which means hormone changes)!!
Hi.I also have a 3mth old(will be 4mths on the 15th)& he does the same thing! It def hurts!! He is teething too. Working on two on top&two on bottom.The finger thing to brake suction worked @ 1st but he too has become wise to it.I learned from la leche league w/my 1st son (who got his 1st teeth @ 3 mths also) that if u pull the baby towards u into the breast it blocks their nose & they must release to breath which was an easy&harmless thing to do.While also telling them no & explaning that "it hurts,ouch"in a gentle but firm voice but not to raise your voice.It worked w/my 1st but he didnt start biting til he was a little older.Im just now trying it w/my 2nd so we'll see what happens.Good luck to both of us lol! & my Logan seems to be understanding that it does something not good to mommy.He seems to do now when hes through & starts "playing" or when falling asleep.It is definetly a trying time.Let us know what happens.
So Logan is no longer biting & hasnt since around this last post,so it worked! Hopefully he wont start again @ any point. How is it going for you?
My daughter is 11 months old and started biting while nursing around 4 months of age. When, she first started teething. She does it every time she's getting a new tooth. The kicker? She smiles after she bites me, every time! I smack the inside of her hand just enough to get her attention and gently touch her mouth and say, "No, biting." Then, I lay her down in her crib and walk out of the room. I wait for a minute and go back in and get her and then start nursing her again on the other side. She only does it when she's teething. Right now, she is working on 4 new teeth and already has 6. So, you can imagine how badly it hurts. But, last week, I made sure to give her teething gel before I started nursing her and it has made a drastic improvement. I hope it keeps working!
Thanks for all the great tactics! I am trying them and seeing if they work for us. I am also looking for signs that he is about to bite before it happens - like breaking suction when I notice him drifting off or when he first makes a grunt that indicates he might have some gas. That has helped cut down on the frequency of incidents some. I am glad a few of you indicated teething was to blame because I had been telling my husband that I thought he was teething due to other signs (excessive drooling, knawing on anything he could get his mouth on) but my husband wouldn't belive it could start so young - you ladies helped me convince him that very well may be the case!
Thanks again!
Teething can start a couple months before you even see the teeth.My baby is drooling constantly & always knawing on his hands too. His doctor looked & said hes definetly teething & hes seen teeth look like his & they pop through the next day & sometimes not for another month.I'm also keeping a closer eye on him while nursing for signs he might chomp down & it has helped me too.He does the same thing when he has gas as yours which disturbs him while nursing so I watch for that too.Most importantly DONT GIVE UP! It'll get better.My 1st learned quickly.He had 16 teeth,yes 16, by the time he was 10 months old! Now he is 10 years old & we are extremely close.I breastfed him way past a year but our goal was a year. But he only bit me a few times.Good luck Drew!Let me know how it goes.
A sharp "No" or and most importantly put the breast away. My daughter bit me once but learned quickly that if she bites then I'll take the breast away.


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