Books instead of cards at baby shower/ birthday party?

I have seen a lot of different poems for baby shower or birthday party invitations requesting that guests bring a book instead of a card. I thought this was a very cute idea and was considering doing it for my daughter's birthday but apparently, this is a very controversial subject. Some people are saying that requesting a book instead of a card is 'rude' or 'tacky.' What do you think? Books instead of cards? Cute, or rude?

Here is one poem I found that I particularly liked:

Just one last request, and we hope it's not hard 
Please bring baby a book in place of a card 
By signing your book, we will remember and share 
Your special gift, even when you're not there!

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I think the book idea is a great idea!!! I wish I would have thought about this a year and a half ago when I had my baby shower. I also love the poem. :) Just because you ask/request a book rather than a card, doesn't mean that you expect everybody to do it. With the way the price of cards are these days, if people look, they could probably find a childrens book for about the same price as a card. Maybe a little more, but a book is something that the child can enjoy long after the party, rather than just being thrown away a few weeks/months later like a lot of cards. I say go for it Mommy!!!!! Your daughter will love the books and if some people don't like/agree with it, then they can buy a card. I will deff be doing this for my daughters 2nd Birthday next year. :) What a GREAT idea!!!! :) Please let me know how it goes. :) I hope it goes well for you. :)

Ask them if reg at a store is tacky or rude? It is stating a preferance... Like a diaper party or Diaper's for Dad... I think it's okay. Just keep in mind that it may seem like you are wanting books now... I would maybe take it as a hint unless you have other items wanted.... You could put on a tiny paer in the envelope... For those last min shoppers... How about a quick trip to the baby books instead of reading all those silly cards....

My friends organized  my baby shower and requested it for me. I had never heard of it and I thought it was an AWESOME idea. I love to read books to my kids every night and thanks to this, we have a great selection to choose from. Some are for little kids with cute pictures and only a few words and some are for more advanced kids. We still have some that we haven't even cracked open yet. We started to read to them as soon as they were born (I have twins), and it soothed them. Even now, it helps them unwind from the day and relaxes them before putting them to bed.

I love this idea! I think you'll be fine doing it in Seattle, Kayliene, since it's book-nerd central around here (my family included!). Of course some people get offended by any special request, but I think most people will agree that this is a really great way to build a kid's library. I personally hate giving cards unless I have something meaningful to write in them (and I never have anything particularly poignant to say to a 2-year-old!). 

the friend who threw my shower went this route and it was great. actually, a lot of showers i've been to over the past few years have done books in lieu of cards. like others said, most books really aren't much pricier than cards these days! i have no idea why anyone would think that expanding a child's library would be rude or tacky.


the only drawback was that i got a few duplicates and since everyone personalized them like they would a card, i couldn't return or exchange them. it was still neat, though, and since we still read a lot of the books (they weren't all infant or board books, which was nice) it's fun to look back at the notes people wrote.

My sister-in-law did this for me for my baby shower and it started an awesome collection of books for our child. She LOVES to read and has tons of books. We got books for all ages, from board books to ones I loved as a young teen, A light in the attic and Where the side walk ends. I think it is an awesome idea and was very grateful for it. 

looks like alot of positive reviews but honestly i think it is a little rude and a added expense i know at my friends sons party he got atleast 10 books as the birthday gift! Also alot of people get gift certificates and you can buy books with that. I dont like to sign books so i can give them to librarys and so on when she out grows them...i mean really do you plan on keeping the book forever  just cause grandma so and so signed it probably not..I love to get cards i have a box that i put every special occasion card in and yes i will keep them forever! If anyone ask for birthday gift ideas say books but i think its a little weird to request a book in place of a card. ohhh and the poem sounds rude just one last request and we hope it not HARD that sound pushy!! Just another perspactive but good luck with your special occasion. My daughter has lots of books i read to her all the time but i bought the books new on sale or used and they were pretty cheap for a pretty large collection.

Yes. I have books from when I was a baby that my great grandma signed and I love having them.

We did this for our daughter's baby shower. This is how we phrased it in the invitation. "Please help us pass our love for reading on to our daughter by giving a book signed by you in place of a card." We got tons of books! Everyone signed them, no one seemed to think it was tacky, in fact many people loved picking out a favorite book from when they were kids, or that they used to love to read to their kids when they were little. 


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