My 7 week old son has gotten a stuffy nose and it seems to be make him choke or gag and has been making him fussy, I've been using the "booger sucker" to clean out his nose is there anything else that I can do to help him since he is still too little to recieve any kind of medication?

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go to walmart and get the little nose saline drops, put that in his nose.  It is not dangerous and will not hurt him.  I had to use it on my 9 week old daughter.  It works.

try keeping him in the bathroom when you're taking a hot shower--the steam should help some ... and a vaporizer in his bedroom. I've also used the vicks plugin/nightlight. Not sure if it helps but it's safe and may help. If he's sleeping in a crib you could also try elevating the end where his head rests.

My daughter is 7 weeks old as well and has had congestion every night since 3 weeks (asked doc he says its completely normal) Anyway, before bedtime I put 3 drops in each nostril wait a few minutes (I will usually change her butt) then suck out whatever has come loose. I have found that this eases her congestion quite a bit which helps her to sleep better. Also, I bought a "Baby Comfy Nose" nasal aspirator which Peanut loves she actually flares her nostrils and sits perfectly still when she sees it coming and laughs when Im done, much better than the screaming fits I used to get when I used the aspirator I got from the hospital. It also seems to be much more effective in getting out the boogies.. F.Y.I it seems like it would be really gross but its really not no boogie to mommy contact at all. :o)

Thank you all for your added suggestions and helped. I have tried them all and my son is still under the weather only now a cough has been added to his stuffy nose. I had to take him to the emergency room 2 nights ago and they told me that it is a plugged tear duct that is causing all of this not fun stuff for my son. I am taking him to his peditrician again on Monday morning because 4 days of this is far to long for a 7 week old. Hopefully they can do more him to help him get better faster.

My son was so congested he coughed up 2 big globs of mucousy stuff. (Sorry I know that's gross). I recommend a warm bath with johnson & johnson soothing vapor baby bath found at Wal mart in the green bottle. Then rub baby vicks vapor rub on babys chest, neck & back. Lastly, suction his nose really good then use the Little Noses saline nose drops made for babies, usually found at Walmart as well. I give him a warm bottle right after & he falls sound asleep within minutes.

My pharmacist says Baby Vicks vapor rub for my 10 week old is ok. Ask them. Apply a thin coat to chest, back, neck and the sole of his feet. This along with a humidifier (the room must not be summer hot or the humidifier will only make the room hotter, not safe) shower humidity and plugs-in, saline drops with aspirator should do the trick. If your baby can't breathe and eat at the same your Ped for appointment.
I took my son to the dr to get him checked out after our visit to the ER because he was not getting any better. As it turned out he was diagnosed with RSV and early signs of pnemonia. He had to be transported to the nearest pediatric center once his xray and blood work came back.. He was put on oxygen we spent a week in the pediatric center and we are now home after one long and very stressful week. My little Monkey is doing good, still has a cough but the drs say he will have that for awhile to finish getting rid of all the junk thats in his lungs.

My 16 week old had pneumonia two weeks ago and his cough is still present and he was feverish this morning again. I know how you feel. I feel very helpless. He didn't have to be hospitalized however pneumonia should never be treated lightly. Good luck with everything.


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