I'm usually a fan of Graco products, but this invention from Evenflo is ingenious!  We hear a lot about infant deaths due to being left in a car- Evenflo has created a car seat that they think will prevent this-

Check it out- and it's only $150- not bad for a car seat, I think! 

What are your thoughts on this one?   Is this something you would invest in?

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I wood by that in a heartbeat I love that ideal it will save a lot of lives ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I think it will too!

what a great idea!

I'm very surprise at the cost, that it has that technology built into it and only $150. Great buy to invest in.

I was shocked at the price too!

I have bought Evenflo Embrace LX for $89 recently! This best baby carseat in this price category

That is a great price!


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