My son is 14 weeks old (3mths old) & he sometimes snores pretty loud for a baby. I know with adults it can be a sinus issue, does anyone elses baby snores or know if it could be a sign of a problem?

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My kids both snore some times. It's not terribly loud, though. If you're worried it might be worth taking him to the pediatrician to make sure his throat or tonsils aren't enlarged.

nope no need for concern  they have little nasal passages so they snore dont worry

Thanks u guys! His 4 mth appt is coming up, It doesn't happen that often, but, I will mention it at his next visit.

Our pediatric ENT said babies should not snore regularly. My daughter (3) and son (10 months) both had their adenoids out at the same time as ear tube placement. They had been constantly sick. But even when healthy & well, they snored loudly and the baby even had periods of sleep apnea (where he stopped breathing momentarily) in between snores. Get an ENT exam, they do not snore anymore now. I guess that ENT saved their future marriages:)

My younger brother has eczema making him extra sensitive to allergies and build up that's why he snores. My daughter has it to so she snores and gets build up at times. I wouldn't worry.
I guess his snoring was part of his allergies starting to go haywire bcuz he is soo congested now no matter if I snort his nose out with the bulb, use saline drops, and dehumidifyer. Idk what else to do. At times it seems like he can barely.breathe thru his nose. My sister tells me I shouldn't take.him to the dr unless he has a runny nose or a cold, what do u guys think I should do?

Our pediatrician says that a baby cannot get allergies until the baby is one year old, meaning that the child will be exposed to a particular season or allergen for the 2nd time before an allergy will result. I believe your baby is just sick. Can be a virus, so not much you can do but control the symptoms. But I still would go to the Dr- they may refer you to an ENT if the child has repeated sickness, difficultly breathing or ear infections. I also have a new product with my 2nd born which is AMAZING and highly recommended. it is a nose suction device with a see through tubing that you actually suck on. It sounds gross, but it is the most gentle and effective at removing mucus. You also can actually see what you get out and can disassemble and clean thoroughly. My son actually looks at me and laughs and tries to pull at the cord! Much different than all the screaming I got with the nose bulb!!!

The only thing that I could think of is try changing him positions while he sleeps.
I found out it that he didn't have a cold, it was just the humidity that made the inside of his nose dry out. I wake up in the morning stuffy myself. Once the weather quits switching bk n forth from cooler to.just plain hot then the I will be able to control the temp in the house much better.

yes, my LO snores. i listen to it closely at first trying to be sure it's not a wheezing sound (family had history of asthma), but thank God it's not. just simply snoring.

One of my twins began snoring extremly loud and could not sleep at the age of 9 months. We took him to the ENT but abnoids were normal. Doctor at Cardinal Glennon told us that he had acid reflux and the acid can cause problems sleeping as well as go into your nasal cavity causing snoring. He was put on Prevacid and has not snored since, however is still not sleeping thorugh the night. I think that lack of sleep is a diofferent issue. Just in case we are now taking him to a GI doctor at Cardinal Glennon just to make sure he is ok.

Hope things get better for u. Mine is still congested at times due to the humidity. I tried everything. Mine has a little bit of acid reflux, I plan on mentioning it to the dr at his Well Care visit coming up.


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