I just read an article on birthing trends and they mentioned doctors are now inserting IUDs in their patients immediately after delivery. I know a lot of moms get IUDs at their six-week postpartum check ups but this was the first time I'd heard of moms getting them so soon.

I've never had an IUD placed so I'm not familiar with the pain or discomfort of getting one. I've heard it's pretty mild and that there just might be some cramping. For those of you with IUDs, would you think getting one right after giving birth would be no big deal? Or do you think waiting a month or two until you're completely healed would be the way to go?

Here's an article with more details on immediate IUD insertion.

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I have never had an IUD either- but that's interesting.  I like the idea of just being able to place it when so much is happening anyway- but I'd worry that it would lead to more complications since there is trauma to the area that needs to heal right after delivery.  In addition to that, I wonder if the risk of infection would increase or not with it being placed right then? 


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